Top 10 New England Terrain Parks

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1 Mount Snow, Vermont

If I am not mistaken this is the biggest park in the U.S. or the world. I'm not sure which one, but that being said size isn't everything. it has a big influence, but the jumps and rails, rtc are made very wellpaduhfadgkasd here. - maggot-104

Their series of parks is called Carinthia and there are at least seven of them. They also have 2 Superpipes.

2 Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

Some stuff is cluttered but other wise it's nice

Sick stuff right there dawg

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3 Sunday River, Maine

Some people say it is the best in the east, with over 5 terrain parks and 2 pipes.

4 Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Unique set-up in Exhibition. A few medium to smaller sized parks for the amateurs.

Quality wise, it is the best in New Hampshire. You can easily ride it 50 times in a day.

5 Okemo, Vermont

Okemo is the best of the best, the new peace park is sick

6 Killington, Vermont

Not particularly known for their parks, but they are equal with any other mountain.

7 Sugarloaf, Maine

Completely awesome. A lot of trails to go on, for skiers of all types. A beauty to look at, too. Turn around in your ski lift, and marvel. - omegaxguy

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8 Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire

Six-O-Three has two sides. A very challenging sides for you T-Wall's, and a smaller side with tons of jibs, but also a few small to medium sized step downs.

Six-o-three as now added a 50x50 big air bag to the bottom of jetstream

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9 Stratton, Vermont

Everything is well-built in their parks.

Dope setup very different

10 Gunstock Mountain, New Hampshire

They now have a Big Air Bag!

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