Top 10 New Generation Rappers of Nepal

Keeping aside the great rappers like Yamabuddha, Mc flo and Laure aside, this is a list of rappers who have really made their mark in the game in the recent times. Note that this is a fan made "personal list" post and does not depend upon the fanbase or the views that the rappers have been getting.

The Top Ten

1 Yoddha

Best rapper at present


When it comes to the best rappers who are new in the game, there always is Yoddha. This guys has got flow, lyrics and agression all upto point. His mixtape "Aatma Bibhad" shows he's got almost no match in the country, frankly. - Nephop

I like him and his song he is most tallented raper

2 AirEase

His lyrics is too good And he is too Much Better than nepali others rappers
Yama buddha since of one of the best and second inspiration forme

He can be offended by the "Nephop" tag but has developed a lot in "Nepali Hiphop", well that's what his disses show! But his songs are at least,really too good. - Nephop

3 Bri$k Timos

A member of the crew Paranormals, this name is being the household name around many of the fans. His voice reflects his passion.he's got many songs and almost all of them give a new taste. His songs like Kasari Keti pattam and "Nakkab" are some songs which show he can write about almost anything. - Nephop


He is the hiphop king

For me he is the only one the best rapper and I can guaranty that in upcoming days he will be at top.

Ok many people haven't heard this name before but as a fan, I've attended many events around Kathmandu where I've seen him in a couple of them. He's bars are too good and in no time he'll be in many peoples choices. - Nephop

Kasam ma you are a hero rapper dami bro naya naya geet nikal dai jau mo pani awedai xhu bistari nepop ma man be metting ew

5 Xbhav

When talking about the feshmen list, there's another guys who show he's got a huge potential in him. He raps in English, some how in a "Nepali" tune but him being a Nepali doesnot hold barrier for him to release songs like "FreeNot" and "Open your eyes" which really brings the house down. - Nephop

6 Lil' Grizl

Ok, he's old when compared to the other rappers in the list but the way he's improved in the recent days lets call him one of the best "New School rappers of Nepal". - Nephop

7 Mahakaal

Another member of Paranormals, his lyrical ability is something other rappers can only think about. Songs like " Ma kasto huun" is just a rough reference to his ability. - Nephop

8 Phsyco

Its "Phsyco", not Psycho. Another "Nepali Hiphop" rapper, he's releasing good songs, frequently and everyone got to check him out. - Nephop

9 Eye Q

The third paranormals member in the list, he is another rapper with great wordplays and lyricism. Poetic minded, would have been little further in the top if he had some more songs in his name - Nephop

10 Viber Samuel Xettri

He may not be as good as the previous rappers refered but he is not too bad to be called just ordinary. This guys has got a lot of time to improve with his age, but really works hard when he puts up music frequently.. - Nephop

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11 D'feign


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