New Kittypet Names for Warrior Cats

What if some warrior decided to become kittypets and change their name? This is what I think.

The Top Ten

1 Bluestar to Luna

Yep I like this one best

Matches pretty well


2 Firestar to Blaze

The color of his pelt do remind me of a blaze, so it matches him perfectly!

Wow..the other names really suck (nevermind, I meant the kittypet names are good but not how they compare them to by fur color...).Firestars Flame colored pelt and to an orange pelt really match!


Intresting...well I think this one is a pretty good Kittypet name then


3 Graystripe to Thunder

I don't get it

4 Mousefur to Brownie

I think this one actually makes sense unlike some other ones - Mookitty

5 Hawkfrost to Fang
6 Blackstar to King Tut

This works for me. Sounds cool.


7 Sandstorm to Lightning

I just like this one. It's like how Sandstorm fights like lightning, also how she is a light brow color, like faded lightning.

I think it fits her personality- she's powerful and fierce, and she can take care of herself.

Maybe “Sandy” will fit her more. Orr, “Sandpaper” but whatever your opinion is, I don’t hate it.

8 Silverstream to Frostline
9 Tigerstar to Rikko

It just suits him

10 Berry Nose to Berry

Of course, this one was probably easiest.

I am the person who commented this-
IKR so easy

The Newcomers

? Mistystar to Echo
? Mistystar to Echo

It just suits her

It suits her...

The Contenders

11 Jayfeather to Noeyes

It just suits him

Whoever the Twoleg is...they're pretty cruel.

12 Ivypool to Echo

Lol the map? (Even though it bout holly? )

13 LionBlaze to Felix
14 Hollyleaf to Emerald

It fits very well, her eyes are an emerald color to be honest.

It does suit her. I love it!

15 Tallstar to Cow

O. 0
- He would need really mean owners - Badgerflame

16 Squirrelflight to Fire


17 Brightheart to Hope

Well, she needs lots of hope in the Warriors series. Well, she really does. She looses half of her face.

18 Jayfeather to Watcher

It's quite ironic to me that his name is watcher even when he's blind.I just like the sound of it.

19 Hollyleaf to Midnight

Uh it suits her so yea

20 Tigerheart to Scar

Random Comment: (mah friend’s nickname is Scar and we call her there) but I think Scar Might suit TigerHeart.

I honestly don't know...just roll with it :D

21 Brackenfur to Goldie
22 Bramblestar to Gary

I just like name...?

23 Needletail to Needle
24 Ravenpaw to Crozby
25 Bluefur to Bluewillow

I don't know...
Bluewillow it's a Warrior name not a Kittypet name. - cassiabez

26 Spottedleaf to Spots
27 FireStar to Flame
28 SpottedLeaf to Mittens
29 Ashfur to Speckles

He's got those

30 Spottedleaf to Sweet
31 Hollyleaf to Storm
32 Redtail to Justy
33 Dovewing to Cindy
34 Snowfur to Jenny
35 Brambleclaw to Cracks

I don't know its just what I thought it suits him you may have different opinion but still I like it you may hate me I don't care

Super good

I don't hate u I Love that name its just awesome awesome I wish u luck sooo awesome name guys vote for that name now. A.W.S.O.M.E

36 Brambleclaw to Cracks

It's so awesome I don't know but I wuv it

37 Dovewing to Ash

It just suits her cause shes gray like ashes

38 Leafpool to Star

To me her eyes look like stars

39 Shrewclaw to Tiger
40 Dustpelt to Dusty

It’s just suits him

41 Firestar to Rusty

Obviously lol

42 Sandstorm to Sandy

I dunno, it just suits her.

43 Heathertail to Charlotte
44 Cherryfall to Tango

I think it’s cute!

45 Leafpool to Cloud

I feel like she is a cloud and I personally think it suits her.

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