New Kittypet Names for Warrior Cats

What if some warrior decided to become kittypets and change their name? This is what I think.

The Top Ten

1 Firestar to Blaze

Wow..the other names really suck (nevermind, I meant the kittypet names are good but not how they compare them to by fur color...).Firestars Flame colored pelt and to an orange pelt really match!


Intresting...well I think this one is a pretty good Kittypet name then


2 Bluestar to Luna

Matches pretty well

3 Graystripe to Thunder
4 Hawkfrost to Fang
5 Mousefur to Brownie
6 Blackstar to King Tut

This works for me. Sounds cool.

7 Silverstream to Frostline
8 Tigerstar to Rikko
9 Sandstorm to Lightning
10 Jayfeather to Noeyes

It just suits him

Whoever the Twoleg is...they're pretty cruel.

The Contenders

11 Tallstar to Cow

O. 0
- He would need really mean owners - Badgerflame

12 Ivypool to Echo
13 Hollyleaf to Emerald

It fits very well, her eyes are an emerald color to be honest.

14 Ravenpaw to Crozby
15 Bluefur to Bluewillow

I don't know...
Bluewillow it's a Warrior name not a Kittypet name. - cassiabez

16 Spottedleaf to Spots
17 Squirrelflight to Fire
18 FireStar to Flame
19 LionBlaze to Felix
20 SpottedLeaf to Mittens
21 Ashfur to Speckles
22 Spottedleaf to Sweet
23 Hollyleaf to Storm
24 Brightheart to Hope
25 Redtail to Justy
26 Jayfeather to Watcher
27 Dovewing to Cindy
28 Snowfur to Jenny
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