Top Ten New Romantic Stories in Wattpad that You Will Love

The Top Ten

1 Office

Office By Wiiger 💟
It's a beautiful romantic story which take place in Office. Starring Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig - Pavi

2 Running Into Mr.Billionaire

Running Into Mr.Billionaire By FreedomHasan - Pavi

3 The Rejected Wife

The Rejected Wife By Swetarp - Pavi

4 Prince With Benefits

Prince With Benefits By Gabycabezut - Pavi

5 Match Maid In Hell

I think the first book was better maid in lace

Match Maid In Hell By MizPanda - Pavi

6 Menacingly

Menacingly By ASummers1 - Pavi

7 Loving The Mafia

Loving The Mafia By FaithfullyDestined - Pavi

Thanks for posting this list. Unfortunately, "Loving the Mafia" cannot be read. On 8/22/16, FaithfullyDestined stated, "I've tried unpublishing and republishing but it wouldn't upload."

8 Mr.CEO
9 The Girl He Never Noticed

Dominant and good story development with billionaire

10 Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker By Aggressively - Pavi

The Contenders

11 Muse

Muse By EnvyAugustine - Pavi

12 The Hoodie Girl
13 The Mafia and His Angel
14 Scorching Love - (jonaxx)

This story is recently my favorite among Jonaxx's stories. Never mind the SPG's here but the story made me feel different emotions, just by the main male character hugs the main female Character. Oh God! Snobal/Snowbal!

15 One Little Spell
16 Seven Weeks to Forever
17 The Guy Next Door

I think this book is amazing, I read it when it first started updating it is a long book but its well written and the writer is great,I have read many of her books.

18 Unholy Matrimony
19 Love Letters and Literature by Miss Maven
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