Best New Super Mario Bros Wii Items

The Top Ten

1 Super Star

I love super star.

Lasts even less long than normal how is it number 1 - YOSHIA2121

2 Propeller Mushroom

I love propeller suit because it lasts until you get hit unlike star.

What is Mario famous for? Jumping. This lets him crank up his jumping height from five to eleven. Also, you fall slower, get an extra life, and get a spin-smash-move-thing to boot.

I love this item - YOSHIA2121

3 Ice Flower
4 Penguin Suit

Makes you swim faster and glide across ice

5 Fire Flower
6 1-UP Mushroom
7 Mini Mushroom
8 Super Mushroom
9 Star Coin
10 Yoshi Egg

The Contenders

11 Coin
12 Normal Mushroom
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