Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2017


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1 Make a meal for a homeless person

Ah, New Year's day. The time of the year when you make promises you most likely aren't going to keep. - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah fam, do something nice for homeless people.

I'm doing something similar to this at my school.-TheWetWalrus

Yeah, that would be awesome! You rule TwilightKitsune!

2 Take care of a starving animal

Yeah... This one is really good - Righteous

3 Visit an old relative or friend

I lost all my old friends and my relatives don't care about me. - MetalObsessed

I'm sort of making that resolution, only I am planning on visiting his grave. - clusium

4 Apologize to someone you have wronged

My goodness! If I did this to everyone I wronged, I'd never have time to do any of the other things mentioned in this list! - Britgirl

5 Take a picture of your family
6 Try out a new band
7 Make new friends
8 Defend a kid from bullying
9 Travel to more countries
10 Try new foods

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11 Try to improve what you are struggling with

I'm still struggling with depression and anxiety and crying is my biggest symptom of my depression showing and I'm trying to go to another school that will make me happy, the school I'm at now makes me more insane everyday and I can't stand it... I need help. - KianaLexi

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