Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2018

When it comes to making changes or improvements to your life there is no time like the present, but regardless, New Year's resolutions are still a strong part of western culture.

Whether it's to lose weight, live healthier, be more adventurous, or make more money, the personal aspirations of people are endless. The reality is, anybody can aspire to anything and work toward making it happen in their life. Finding your inner motivation is possibly the best way to making sure you stick to your goals and see them through all the way to completion.

Here are the best resolutions for people who might not yet be sure what their life holds for them.

The Top Ten

Have a healthier body

Drink fresh spring water, eat wild foods (not just "organic", gluten free, etc...), and move more. By "move" I don't mean do the obligatory 1 hour gym session then go home and sit the rest of the day; I mean actually move around all day long - stand at your desk, walk a pet, walk to the grocery store...

This is what people usually say, but let's be real- they quit after the first few weeks.

Yeah you get ill when you eat stuff like Crisps, Sweets, Chocolate or anything like that it's not good.

We all know this is going to fail by the end of the week.

Learn another language

Just like learning an instrument, learning a new language has been shown to increase brain development and activity. It also makes travel to foreign countries and cultures easier.

I'm considering Spanish, German, or French but since I'm moving to Canada at some point in the near Future, I'll probably need to study French

When you're required to take a foreign language class in college, this one isn't really much of a resolution.

I've always wanted to learn other languages actually. I'm just too lazy to study them.

Meet new people

Try going outside of your comfort zone. By going to new places and opening yourself up to new people, you can improve your quality of life and social circle. You can start by going out and meeting your neighbors.

The places I met most of my friends are school (obvious) and Xbox Live/Steam. I got along with a lot of people other places, but I never became real friends with them.

I want new friends irl!

Procrastinate less

I say this to myself but never accomplish this

This is my #1 goal for 2018! This will help me focus and get my YouTube animations done quicker.

I always fail at this task when I want/need to clean my bedroom.

I tried this in 2018, but it only lasted 2 days.

Watch less TV

Well, since my parents got rid of cable years ago, I guess I don't have to worry about this New Year's resolution.

I don't have cable

This is an easy resolution... I don't have cable

Horrible suggestion

Increase your education

Education will take you where you want to go. So educating yourself about a particular topic or joining a learning institute is and will always be beneficial.

Yea, I'm increasing on History and Geography.

Eat healthy foods

"Organic" doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Neither does "gluten free" or "free range". Forage for foods, hunt where you can, catch wild fish... Buy pastured eggs, meat, and dairy. Eat more vegetables and less (or no) sugar.

Ok I really work on this I probably 95% chicken

Get better sleep

Remove ALL the light sources in your bedroom, put your phone on airplane mode or leave it in another room entirely, and turn off any screens at least an hour before bed.


Be more physically active
Open a savings account

Most people don't have enough, or any, savings. Whether it be for a rainy day or retirement, putting a little something away where it isn't easy to touch is a brilliant step in preparing for your future.

Nickel a day savings plan. Add a nickel every first day then.10 next day.15 next day...etc..

The Contenders

Be more calm and peaceful
Pick up a new hobby

Not only will a new hobby increase your brain activity, it can be a source of social interaction, physical activity, and basic learning.

Can someone suggest a new hobby for me?

Social media and watching anime.😀😁

Create a positive attitude

Be cheerful mate!

Complain less
Start a meditation practice
Explore new music

I do this every year. On a related note, I just created a Soundcloud account. Hope to get some of my original ambient material out there.

I want to do this

Play more video games

I like to play more video games, But that's way too addiction.

It can earn me money

I like video games

What the, no!

Read a book a week for the whole year

Dedicate 45 minutes of reading each day and you can finish the average length book in just a week. Repeat each day and you'll have 52 books in a year. If you could go to the bookstore and pick out 52 books, what would you choose?

The Wheel of Time is proving a welcome challenge. Currently on "The Shadow Rising".

Quit smoking

I'll never smoke in my lifetime. EVER!

Never have, never will.

I'll never smoke ever. It's bad for your body.

Who needs such garbage anyway?

Give to charity

Not all donations need to be in monetary form. You can also give your time to charity in the form of volunteering.

Listen to less radio

It is healthier for you in the long run. Also, I know every word to every song that plays on Mix 96.5 so it's also a good time to find new music!

Actually I disagree, my health teacher says that music is good for your soul. But I understand where your coming from

Music is good for you.


Get out of debt and loans
Try something new every day
Travel more

I wish I can do this

Don't take everything so seriously
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