Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2019

Everyone wants to better themselves and improve year to year. In fact, New Year's resolutions have become a yearly, time-honored tradition to help us work toward self improvement. Many people make the same resolutions year by year and almost everyone fails to keep them. In fact, most people give up after only a few weeks.

Here are a few recommendations in case you can't think of an area you'd like to improve upon. Remember, anyone can aspire to do and be anything they want. Stick to your guns and find a buddy to help you stay on the path.

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1 Get in better shape

I have some little chub that I want gone - Demon_Kitty

Yeah, I gained a significant amount of weight this year. Time to shave it off.

I only gained weight over Christmas, well I guess it's time to get that extra weight off - AzureCrystals

Every time yo want to get in better shape it's just like "aww ill do it later " and end up never doning it - DS3

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2 Decrease screen time

10 hours and 39 minutes per day... That's the amount of time the average American spends on their screens. Maybe try limiting your screen time and letting your eyes look at something real. - Finch

I typically limit myself to under two hours per day if I can, and during the summer when I can be outside more it's under 1 hour - SirSheep

My average time on laptop depends. In one house, it's about 4-8 hours. In the other house? Boy, I even go past midnight on occasion - Neonco31

I have been working on this, it wasn't really successful, but I will keep trying. - Jester_Spades

Guess I should spend my time playing lightsabers professionally like a little child (Not), reading Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Scouting Landscapes, Doing my dot to dot famous faces book, just something to make me be in my Zen zone... - Kevinsidis

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3 Spend more time with family

I hate spending time with my family. They're so annoying - Demon_Kitty

Talk to your grandparents, write down their stories, or just play games with your siblings or parents. - Finch

Enjoy every minute with them!

It was ineveitable for me after certain events that occurred earlier in the year.

4 Find a relationship

In what context? Friend? Romance? Family? This entry is confusing. - CrimsonShark

This is exactly the opposite of a resolution for me. - Userguy44

Too hard, nobody likes me - SirSheep

But I'm too young for that. - B1ueNew

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5 Quit masturbating

NO ARE YOU CRAZY! - Demon_Kitty

Um... It's natural. - yamionthetrap

Yo yo yo this should be number one

It's called self pleasure. I do it as an guilty habit (at times, not all the time) and it brings me mostly happiness. - Kevinsidis

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6 Read a book a week

I read books every school day except maybe at the weekends. Instead, I'm just connecting dot to dot of famous faces of famous people, it's rather a fun brain habit of mine since I was in 6th grade. Then I stopped doing at the end of 6th grade because of my interests rest at science. Since a week ago, I decided to give it a try. - Kevinsidis

Might not be the resolution for everyone else here, but I've barely read anything last year. It's time I fix that. - nerffan8000

I'm working on Wings of Fire 12, and then I'll work on The Shining once my brother finishes. - Cyri

I will read EVERY Warrior Cats Book! - Hollymint

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7 Drink more water

The average person is chronically dehydrated. Start drinking water in small doses and your body and health will improve. - Finch

I have to drink a lot for sports, even though I'm not technically playing any until January, when soccer starts - SirSheep

I'll definitely do this! - Userguy44

I do this - Neonco31

8 Take a social media break

I am sorry, but no, social media makes me not feel awkward when speaking to people, I hate those studies that say this benefits to both personal relationship and self-esteem, because that's dumb. Memes is all I need - AzureCrystals

Study after study have shown the benefits to both personal relationships and self-esteem when you take some time away from social media platforms. - Finch

I spend more time talking to people in school than online mostly, I just play video games and browse online for most of the time - Neonco31

I don't have any social media and I'm proud of it. It's a horrible thing if used incorrectly, it is addictive, and it's a cause of depression. I'd rather go and spend my time outside then look through snapchats and celebrity crap. - CharismaticKat

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9 Get rid of house clutter

This includes distant relatives who are still aimlessly milling around after Christmas. - Britgirl

Try getting rid of one small thing a day, or one big thing a week. We all have too much stuff filling our lives. - Finch

This is something I need to do, my room is a total mess. - SailorSedna

10 Learn a new language

There are apps that can teach you a new language FOR FREE! 5 minutes a day while you're on the toilet and you'll be on your way. - Finch

Learning Portuguese at the moment. It's a lot more difficult than other languages I've learned. - PositronWildhawk

I might learn French - 23windomt

Already begun studying Hawaiian

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11 Make a new friend

I'm bad at this... - Metarock

Everyone can use a new friend. - Finch

I only made new friends on here. I wish it was that easy in real life too. - Userguy44

Yep - Neonco31

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12 Make a career change

Don't waste your life doing something you hate. Start making right choices. - Finch

I'll be a logistics employee. - Userguy44

13 Find better ways to handle situations correctly

I need to do this - Demon_Kitty

14 Enjoy social media

That's not a resolution. Social media is bad for you, no matter what people say. The more people use social media, the less people have real relationships.

15 Get into an ivy league college

A 5-7% chance. - WorldPuncher47592834

I'm 13 lmao - Demon_Kitty

16 Study hard
17 Go traveling
18 Eat healthier
19 Respect opinions
20 Write more
21 Clean your room
22 Stress less
23 Buy Bitcoin

Seriously, the technology behind bitcoin is going to reshape our world.

24 Get better grades
25 Start another hobby

I've recently started renovating beautiful, but run-down large Victorian and Georgian-style doll houses. Painting; decorating and upholstering. It's actually relaxing therapeutic fun, especially whilst listening to music. And it's so worthwhile when the finished results are better than you expected. - Britgirl

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1. Find a relationship
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1. Get in better shape
2. Learn a new language
3. Get rid of house clutter
1. Read a book a week
2. Decrease screen time
3. Quit masturbating

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