Top 10 New YouTube Singers With Sexy Vocals

This List Can Be Called as Sexy, Amazing, Sensual, Heart-Touching and much more. The People in this list are having the Best Voices we ever heard. So, We Hope You Agree and Don't Forget to Vote your best.

The Top Ten

1 Stuart Matthew Stuart Matthew Stuart Matthew (HC), better known as professionally as Stuart Matthew, is an India based YouTube singer and songwriter. Matthew was hand-picked by MTV as an MTV Artist in early June 2015 after being considered as Top Sexiest Vocals. In early February 2016, Matthew was nominated for Best Pop Artist in more.

He does not have much subscribers on YouTube but his voice is beyond sensual and amazing. Specially In Good For You Cover for which he was added in "Man with Sexiest Vocals" List and also after his cover Good For You he was Hand-Picked By MTV as an "MTV Artist". - KanyeWilliam

He is Very Kind & Careful Celeb to his fans

Awesome Vocals till yet

He is nice singer

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2 Craig Yopp

His songs are nice

In each n every Cover he have been presenting his best vocals. He get so many requests from his fans to post the requested cover. - KanyeWilliam

3 Weekly Chris

He is one of Verified Artists by YouTube. His Voice is also been described as Sensual. He also sang Good For You Cover which is so different and cool from others. - KanyeWilliam

Amazing voice

4 Alex Aiono

Awesome YouTube singer having the best and powerful vocals. He could sing anything he want. - KanyeWilliam

5 Toby Randall Toby Randall

The Youngest Boy in the list his channel and also he have verified YouTube channel. His young and sensual voice is getting famous day by day. - KanyeWilliam

He is very talented

6 Elie Lieb

One of the most famous YouTube Singer and also the best vocal artist ever. He is also famous by his Haunting Voice. - KanyeWilliam

7 Jannik Brunke

The Most Talented Vocalist. Amazing Voice in each and every songs. He is Simply Amazing. - KanyeWilliam

8 Boyce Avenue

Again One of the most famous YouTube Singer. Famous for his Voice. Verified Channel which have more than 7 Million subscriber. He is one of the best features in his videos. - KanyeWilliam

9 Anton Hagman

Amazing YouTube Artist and his voice is also described as Sensual and Sexy. - KanyeWilliam

10 Daniel J

The Most cute and sexiest Vocalist. He is amazing in his each and every songs. He have voice something like Niall Horan. - KanyeWilliam

The Contenders

11 Conor Maynard Conor Maynard Conor Paul Maynard is an English singer-songwriter and child actor from Brighton & Hove who is signed to EMI subsidiary, Parlophone.
12 Dagames Dagames
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