Top Ten New Zealand Birds


The Top Ten

1 Fantail

Oh this is a really awesome bird and its really friendly bird - Toucan

2 Tui

I really like this bird for some reason - Toucan

3 Eastern Rosella

How was it introduced to the kiwis? Well it escaped from its owners who bought them from the land down under - Toucan

4 Kiwi Kiwi

Come on they look like walking fur balls who can't like them...ok yeah possums and dogs feast on them but which human can't like them - Toucan

5 Yellow Crowned Parakeet

Ok this bird looks pretty - Toucan

6 New Zealand Kingfisher

The only kingfisher native to the kiwis and has one hell of a beak - Toucan

7 Australasian Harrier

This bird has something magneficiant about it - Toucan

8 Pukeko

I really like the birds blue colour - Toucan

9 Kea

This is one of the worlds few alpine parrot found in the south islands - Toucan

10 New Zealand Falcon

Like the harrier this bird looks very majestic and deserves a spot on the top tens - Toucan

The Contenders

11 Brown Kiwi
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