Best Newgrounds Characters

Who is the best character in Newgrounds. You decide. If you disagree with others reply or say a comment. Vote for your favorite character and see what place there in.

The Top Ten

1 Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid is the best character in Newgrounds. Good character, cool hero, amazing fighter, interesting story, and has the greatest weapons. Alien Hominid is the king of Newgrounds

2 Piconjo

Piconjo will always stay as the best villian in Newgrounds. And Piconjo is way better than Pico. Pico just has guns but Piconjo has a big sword and a gun. Piconjo might be slow when he's fighting but his attacks are really strong.

3 Larry

The difference between Larry and pico is that Larry is a more handsome and a anger character from pico. The best characters should always be Alien Hominid and Larry

4 Clubby The Seal

The killer seal from the artic land. Clubby the seal is little but this guy fights his way out like he's a big man with a bat. Never underestimate his size cause clubby will smack your head off.

5 Salad Fingers

This guy is a bit creepy but his attacks could really be stretched for a long ranged attack. That's why salad fingers is one of the best. And I always like him.

6 Tankman

Come on everyone recognizes the guy on the tank it's Tankman. The most awesome character in Newgrounds. Nice costume and amazing voice. This guy is cool

7 Pico

I thought that Pico was just a kid with guns. But he's actually cool. Alien Hominid and Pico are the best heroes in Newgrounds. But to me Pico is better.

8 Castle Crashers

It's the four best knights in newgrounds. Castle Crashers beats everyone in Newgrounds.

9 Hank

Hank is unstopable. I mean this could beat like 20 henchmen by himself. You should see his madness collection. AWESOMENESS

10 Dad N Me

Dad n me beats out everyone

The Contenders

11 Convict

The shapeshifting skeleton guy is always the coolest. No one matches his character. And if he transforms into anyone he will win.

12 Nene
13 Samurai A**hole
14 Fancy Pants Man
15 P-Bot
16 Colin Mochrie
17 Housemaster
18 Meat Boy
19 Dr. Fetus
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