Top Ten Newgrounds Songs with the Best Beat Drops

The beat drops are very important in a dubstep song, if there is not a good beat drop, it is not a good song.

The Top Ten

1 Supernova

Supernova sounds like bthe beginning of a final battle in a blockbuster movie - Unknownguy

2 Reanimate

Reanimate has an epic beat drop - Unknownguy

3 Windfall
4 Death Moon
5 The Game RmX Off Vocal
6 La Campanella Nu Rave
7 Nine Circles
8 Theory of Everything 2
9 Electrodynamix
10 Cry

The Contenders

11 Ghost House
12 Hexagon Force
13 RPM
14 Cosmic Dreamer
15 Corrosive
16 Empress
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