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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


I vote for India. Seriously. She needs more popularity in India, along with other Vocaloids, because their songs are wayy better than Indian singers, and the only songs they make these days are based on Romance. There used to be many other things to make songs about, but everyone is focused on Romance only, and Vocaloids are one of the bands that have maintained the variation that songs from long ago had. I have absolutely loved Bacterial Contamination and Party X Party, the latter being all the group's contribution. While there are also better songs of them, I don't know all of them as I'm new to this band, but yet I love it.People need to see how amazing non-romance songs can be, but moreover, they need to be introduced to this, as they can put an emo song with blaring music and true-feeling emotions, even though the language is in understandable to those who haven't at least attempted to learn Japanese. But yet, the emotions they put into songs go beyond the confines of language, ...more

I being a dame fan of Japanese vocaloids I know there is a need of hatsune Miku and megurine luka concert in India as this two vocaloid characters really have an impact upon the Indian fans. We also have a fan army of them Miku and luka and want them to be here. With our 138 strength we are active at the metro city of Kolkata... Please come here Miku... Please!

People aren't even realising that Miku has so many fans in India! It's because of the generalisation of thoughts of people who dislike 'anime' for weird reasons- and vocaloid Isn't even an anime! Young fans like me who can't go to other countries due to academics are not yet able to watch the concert in real life... FANS AWAIT IN INDIA! I hope the voice of us Indian vocaloid fans, one day, reaches out to the world, and we will have a concert, one day.

Please everyone I would like to know how many Vocaloid fans exist in India, I am a great fan of Megurine Luka. I t will be great if they perform in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc.

I don't care what it takes. Just bring Miku-Chan to India!

Miku miku miku I love you to the core please come to chennai please I even went to Tokyo for your concert but it ended up to be the wrong time so I really want you to sing in chennai please come to India. I love the sweet devil and I wish I could here you sing at a live concert

Apart from me I only know two other people who like miku but that's in my social circle but I believe thereto be many more. A concert in India would be AWESOME!,

My family members always say that I born in India by mistake because I always listen to Vocaloid songs and should be in Japan, but it can't be helped since Indian songs are just getting more and more bad days that its hard to listen any these days. I typed this comment while listening to 'Into Starlight' by IA and ONE. It's a awesome song, you guys should check it out.

I am a 15 year old and I love her I wish she could have an expo in kolkata

Miku's songs are like 9999999 times better than Bollywood!

I love Vocaloid! So do I love Hatsune-san! Please I want her to perform live at India. People may not know it but there are tons of vocaloid fans and otakus to go around!

There should be a concert of miku here in India so please miku your fans are waiting here

Most people don't know of miku in India. But India has a fair anime fan base,so a concert will definitely attract large crowds. Since it's not possible for everyone to travel to another country for a concert, a concert in India would be a dream come true! We need her!

Can't but Anime stuffs in India.
We want an Anime store in India and concerts.

In inda everyone have to miku sing and only they will understand her please WE WANT A CONCERT INDIA


Please come to India Hatsune Miku! your FANS are waiting for you in MUMBAI!

We need Miku-chan,Len,Rin,Meiko,Kaito here in India because THERE ARE VOCALOID FANS HERE TOO!

Hey please vote for India here no knows micu let's show them all who she is I am also a vocaloid fan in India I dosen't believe that half Indians don't know about micu either vocaloids please choose India

I am a huge vocaloid fan n I would b vry thankful if miku arrives here in india and perform live...
People will surely love her
Vocaloid should also be released in hindi so more people wil get to know vocaloid and bcum a fan.

I feel like India will definitely give a CHANCE to them! And most indians don't like the overly loud and romantic and sexualizing songs that try and appeal to only those who love to party and get drunk. Whereas vocaloid appeals to all ages,all genders, extroverts and introverts alike!
not to mention at this point India is so desperate that we are basically remaking old and actually GOOD songs into just...crappy remixes! WE NEED VOCALOID!

I don't even hope her to sing in India... Because my friends here thought as a childish anime... And that's most of Indian think of her, but it would be really nice if she sings in India. If not I don't mine going to Japan just to see her concert. <3 <3 Miku

I really love Vocaloid and anime but it's super hard to go to other countries to watch live concerts. Even though there aren't many people who actually like or even know about Vocaloid/anime, I'm sure the numbers will shoot up drastically if Miku performs. Okay, enough talking like a sane person. MIKU CHAN WE LOVE YOU COME TO INDIA THE WORLD REALLY IS YOURS PLEASE HOLD YOUR CONCERTS HERE AND WE WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL please (ಥ﹏ಥ) visit us sometime miku!

A lot of people love miku here and its not very fair if she can only go to the large countries! I recently found out that she's going to america for a tour! Why not heeere?! MIKU WE LOVE YOU HERE! AND NOT ONLY MIKU! LEN RIN KAITO GAKUPO LUKA TETO V4 FLOVER V FLOVER MEIKO V2 YUMMA GUMI etc... pleease come to India