Top 10 Next Slasher Horror Movies that Should Become a Video Game

The Top Ten Next Slasher Horror Movies that Should Become a Video Game

1 Halloween (1978)

Sounds good. The film's setup could make for an interesting mystery or point-and-click adventure game a la Clock Tower, and could include a mode where you play as Michael Myers. Not to mention how Carpenter is a big fan of video games, and this alone makes the Halloween series an ideal choice for a video game adaptation. - Mrveteran

The original title was top 10 nest slasher horror movies that should become a video game after friday the 13th the game, but thetoptens changed it, for some reason... - Ale9991

There actually was a game based off this. It's called BabySitterBloodBath. - JakePlaid

2 A Nightmare on Elm Street
3 Scream
4 Re-Animator

It'd make for an interesting game. - Snackfan2BecauseIForgotMyPword

5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
6 Child's Play
7 Candyman
8 Hostel
9 Phantasm
10 I Know What You Did Last Summer

The Contenders

11 Saw

There have been 2 already, but the series' focus on puzzles, traps and combat does offer limitless potential in the video game medium, especially when concerning survival horror. - Mrveteran

12 Hatchet
13 The Collector
14 My Bloody Valentine
15 Prom Night
16 House of the Dead
17 Evil Dead
18 The Hills Run Red
19 Black Christmas
20 Terror Train
21 The House on Sorority Row
22 The Belko Experiment
23 Suspiria
24 They Live
25 Gremlins
26 Phantasm II
27 Cabin In the Woods
28 Would You Rather
29 Unfriended
30 The Shining
31 Stephen King's It
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