Reasons Why NFL Coaches Were Fired 2018/2019

There have been multiple coaches that have been fired either during or directly after the regular season ended. In this post, I'm going to look at reasons why a coach was fired, possible affects of their release, possible landing spots, and possible replacements.

Hue Jackson-
If his 3-36-1 record doesn't speak for itself, here's some reasons why Hue Jackson was fired. In his first stint as a NFL head coach in 2011, he lead the Oakland Raiders to a record of 8-8. They barely missed the playoffs, as three teams were tied for the top spot in the AFC West. He was fired when the Raiders brought in Reggie Mackenzie, who wanted his own coaching staff, as most general managers do. He didn't coach again until his now infamous tenure with the Cleveland Browns. After Hue Jackson served as an offensive coordinator for a few seasons, he was picked up by Cleveland, a team that had been mediocre at best for several years. Jackson ultimately struggled to create a decent offense and coaching staff. In his first season, the Brown we're atrocious, and put together a 1-15 record. The next season, they didn't win a single game, so Detroit had a parade because they weren't the only team to play a full season without a win (2008). Midway through 2018, with only Myles Garrett, Baker Mayfield, and three wins to brag about, he was fired. Now he's an assistant coach in Cincinnati for the Bengals, who are now also without a coach. It has been rumoured that he could go to the Packers, stay in Cincinnati, or become an assistant of some sort for the Vikings. I don't believe he will ever be a head coach again though. For the Browns, some names that have been tied to the head coach job are Bruce Arians, Josh McDaniels, or for Gregg Williams to remain as head coach.

Todd Bowles-
The first full NFL season that Todd Bowles coached was back in 2015, for the New York Jets. That was also his last winning season, as they went 10-6 in the regular season. After that, his teams never got above 5 wins. This was primarily due to lack of discipline, which some players pinned on Todd Bowles. He was signed through 2020, but the Jets ownership decided it would be better to part ways with him now. I think that Bowles will take next season off, and then possibly look for an assistant coaching job, or head Coaching job depending on the market. This would cause the Jets to possibly lean a bit more on the offensive side of the ball, altering the rebuild slightly, but not completely because the Jets still have their General Manager, Mike Maccagnan. The Jets will most likely go for an offense based coach to develop Sam Darnold and their young team. Some possible options Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Cheifs, Jim Harbaugh, who orchestrated the 49ers offense just a few years ago, Adam Gase, a coach known for his offenses, or the Jets could consider Mike McCarthy, who worked with Aaron Rodgers, which could benefit Sam Darnold.

Dirk Koetter-
This was his third year as the Buccaneers head coach. Like Todd Bowles, his only winning season was his first as a head coach for the Buccaneers, when the team posted a 9-7 record with then second year quarterback Jameis Winston. After that, Tampa Bay went 5-11 two years in a row. Dirk Koetter- was originally hired for his offensive brilliance. The only problem was that he couldn't get a solid defense going, and his offense would be great for only a few weeks at a time. Dirk Koetter- is now going to interview for a job as an offensive coordinator for the Falcons. He will be competing with Darrell Bevell for that job. For the Buccaneers, this could mean the start of a complete rebuild. They might keep Winston for a season or two as a placeholder, but if he doesn't prove anything, don't expect him to stay any longer then that. The Buccaneers could go many ways with who they might find as a head coach, but for now I'm going to say it will be either Vic Fangio or Zac Taylor.

Steve Wilks-
This was his first season as a head coach after years of coaching as a defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator, and it was one and done, much like several of their division rival 49ers coaches did between Kyle Shanahan and Jim Harbaugh. Many see this firing as unfair because he wasn't supplied with a complete roster, and wasn't giving a chance to build a roster. In my opinion, they should have given him one more season to build his team, especially with the first overall draft oick this April. You can expect the Cardinals to begin a long rebuild, bringing in many younger players to the roster that is currently the oldest in the NFL. That's bound to take a few years, so they're going to try to find a long term coach. Larry Fitzgerald will retire within the next three years, if not this off season, so there will be many holes in this roster when the new coach inherits it. Some Canidates are Mike McCarthy, Eric Bieniemy, or Zac Taylor. Basically an offense oriented coach, which is the direction the NFL is currently trending. Steve Wilks- will most likely go back to a role as a defensive assistant.

Marvin Lewis-
Seeing that he lasted sixteen years as a head coach in a league as punishing as the NFL, it's obvious that he isn't a bad coach. The reason why he was fired was because although he wasn't as bad as Hue Jackson, he never found postseason success that all great coaches had. He had simply had average seasons every year. After another disappointing year this year, the Bengals decided to fire him. This could lead to the departure of some veteran players, including their quarterback Andy Dalton. Luckily for the Bengals, if they hire the right coaching staff, the future looks bright because they have young players on cheap contracts in place to build on over the coming years. Marvin Lewis may call it a career after this. Some possibilities at the head Coaching job are Shane Waldron and Zac Taylor, both of whom are Rams assistants, and then former head coaches Hue Jackson and Vance Joseph. The previous favorite, Josh McDaniels has refused to interview for the job.

Vance Joseph-
He was fired after back to back losing seasons, which hadn't happened to the Broncos since the early 1970s. As a head coach, Vance Joseph has gone 11-21. The Broncos have seemed undisciplined and disorganized over the last two years, especially in their losses to the 49ers, Browns, and Chargers. The players have seemed disoriented on the field, and some have seen production fall off of My. Everest, such as Case Keenum. Many people blame the problems on John Elway, and while some are his fault, I think the whole coaching staff needs to be redone. Next season, I think the Broncos will retain many of their players, including Case Keenum, and adapt the play calling for the players and prevent costly turnovers and penalties. The Broncos will be better next year. Vance Joseph is most likely going to Cincinnati next season. For next year, the Broncos may look at Chuck Pagano, Adam Gase because of his connection to Peyton Manning, or Vic Fangio as head coach, but don't be surprised if they look for a coach from the college level, although most coaches from the college level have said that they aren't interested in coaching in the NFL.

Adam Gase-
A coach with a mainly offensive background, he had been the head coach in Miami for three years until he was fired earlier this week. He's had one winning season, and two losing seasons. This year, the Dolphins went 7-9 while dealing with injuries at quarterback, which can derail almost any team's season. Gase didn't have the best relationship with some in the organization, which was one of the factors that lead to his release. I expect Adam Gase to be a head coach next year, of either the Broncos, Jets, or Cardinals. The dolphins may start looking for a quarterback in the next few years, whether it be through free agency or the draft. Some possible Canidates to fill the head Coaching vacancy in Miami are Mike McCarthy, Vic Fangio, or Eric Bieniemy.

I will continue this post in a second part, but it's 2 a.m. and there's currently a lot of lag. Anyway, you can see who I think the biggest head coaching canidates are, and I expect them to be interviewed by many teams.


All of these are rightfully justified why they got their pink slips immediately once the season ended. - htoutlaws2012