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61 Cliff Harris

Cliff was a tremendous safety for the Cowboys dynasty in the seventies. Made big plays in some of the Cowboys biggest games. He should have been inducted years ago.

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62 Todd Christensen

Was a great catching TE that got off to a late career start. Was part of the TE trifecta of the early eighties with Kellen Winslow and Ozzie Newsome. Both of those guys are in the HOF and only Christensen has a Super Bowl ring.

63 Jimmy Patton

Played on that great Giants team and had 52 interceptions and 5 pro bowls in a career that lasted only about 10 years.

An underrated name from the past. Had a similar career to Jack Butler who was named to the HOF a few years ago. So far he has not been nominated by the Seniors committee.

64 Aaron Glenn

Had some great years early in his career and then petered out. Hall of very good, not Hall of Fame.

65 Nick Lowery

I know kickers were not as accurate as they are now, but during the eighties, it was a battle between Lowery and Morten Anderson as to who you would rather have. Anderson might have been more accurate but Lowery had a bigger leg. He was clutch from 50+ yards

66 Joe Jacoby

Hard for me to believe Joe Jacoby is not in the Hal of Fame. He was a great Tackle during the redskins glory years and a famed member of the "hogs." Russ Grimm was inducted a few years ago, but you could argue that Jacoby was more indispensable. Grimm was know to miss a lot of games with injury. Jacoby was more reliable and protected the blind side of the QB.

Part of the awesome Hogs. definitely should be in. 2019, if he is not a Senior nominee, should be his year.

I think the voters will get Joe Jacoby in before Alan Faneca. 2017 Should be his year. If not 2017, Steve Huchinson comes in 2018. If Jacoby doesn't get voted in for 2018, he will have to go to the senior pole.

67 Chuck Foreman

Was a great running back and exceptional receiver out of the backfield. Was Fran Tarkenton's security blanket. I would vote yes for Hall of Fame.

68 Cornelius Bennett

I wonder if the bills had one even one of the four Super Bowls they were in if they would have had better representation. One of the players that I feel have suffered is Bennett. He was a dominating linebacker for an extended period of time. Hall worthy in my opinion.

69 Rodney Harrison

Rodney was a hard hitting safety who epitomized tough nosed defense. All time leader in sacks for a member of the secondary. Made Super Bowl appearances with the Chargers and Patriots.

70 Karl Mecklenburg

Karl was one of the most versatile and effective defensive players of the 80's. He was a leader on one of the best defenses during that time frame and he compares very well with other linebackers that are already in the HOF. Hopefully he does not have to wait until the Senior Pool.

The Senior Pool will probably determine if he gets in or not.

Crying shame

71 Clinton Portis

Just not seeing the career numbers needed for HOF. Does have a HOF personality though!

72 Rick Casares

How about one of his lineman - Ted Karras?

Does anyone remember this bruising fullback? At one point he was the NFL's All-Time leading rusher. He should be remembered in the HOF.

One of many great Bears RB's. He belongs in the Hall

73 Cliff Branch

Cliff Branch was the big play receiver for two Super Bowl Champion Raider teams. It is long past due for Branch to join the elite fraternity that is the HOF.

One of the best

74 Steve Wisniewski

Steve was an All-Pro offensive lineman for the Raiders and was one of the best of his generation. his postseason accolades compare very will with other lineman already entrenched in the HOF. Tough nosed and intimidating and well respected among his peers.

75 Steve Tasker

Simply the BEST player ever at his position! He took special teams play to a different level. Just ask the guys that played against him.

I will agree that he was exceptional at his position, but there have been other special team performers that have been pretty good themselves. In fact two current players Matt Slater of the Patriots and Kenyon Rambo are both really good. Having said that Steve Tasker was close to HOF level.

76 Bruce Armstrong

Bruce was a many time Pro Bowl tackle for New England patriots. Legendary battles what Bruce Smith and Jason Taylor. Should be considered for the HOF..

77 Stanley Morgan

How many people remember Stanley Morgan. For years the the best downfield threat in the national football league. His numbers were better than Swann, Stallworth or Bob Hayes but because he played for a team that didn't win Super Bowls he has been largely forgotten. Some day should at lest get A seniors nominee. Averaged 20 yards per catch for his career!

78 Charlie Hennigan

One of the best receivers of the old AFL

79 Jim Nance

One of the best running backs of the old AFL

80 Nate Newton

If not for off field he would be in

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