Top Ten NFL Playoff Games (Non Super Bowl)

My picks on some of the best NFL playoff games, non Super Bowls.

The Top Ten

1 Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs 2013 AFC Wild Card Round
2 Miami Dolphins vs San Diego Chargers 1981 AFC Divisional Round
3 Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots 2006 AFC Championship
4 San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints 2011 NFC Divisional Round
5 San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys 1981 NFC Championship
6 Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers 1992 AFC Wild Card Round
7 Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers 2009 NFC Wild Card Round
8 Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills 1999 AFC Wild Card Round
9 Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens 2012 AFC Divisional Round
10 San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers 1998 NFC Wild Card Round
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