Comparison Battle 97.1 The Ticket Vs Ht Ranking the 32 Best Quarterbacks in 2018

htoutlaws2012 Out of curiosity yesterday i'm sitting there listening to my local radio station, and I come across the 2 O'clock show, and they show well i'm not gonna say who i'll keep that anonymous, but revealed his 32 best right now in the league, and the game was interesting if you guessed the correct player than you can discuss the placement of that Quarterback I was actually enjoying until I got to a certain Quarterback I fought was a bit of a stretch, but why not let's take a look at each of these guys, and see how they were for the most part. I'm not gonna do it in a screwy way how they started off instead i'll start from how I usually do it from my Long inspecting lists posts traditionally, and what i'll do is add where I believe that player should be in my viewpoint.

97.1's List

#32 Blake Bortles - Jacksonville Jaguars
My Rank: 23
Okay... I get why because a lot of people were on a loath wagon trying to get Bortles out of Jacksonville, but give him some slack he actually won some big time important games for this team, and if he goes alright with an unknown receiving core he'd probably be a high 20's QB, and not anywhere near the definitive worst.

#31 Josh McCown - New York Jets
My Rank: N/A
I do like the fact how long Josh McCown has been around two decades of the NFL, and to me he is an underrated player. McCown was never view as a good Quarterback, but depending on the system he can be a very workable veteran to use. Josh is the modern era Vinny Testaverde for how long how lasted from team to team. I wouldn't have him on the 32 seeing that there gonna give high opportunities to Sam Darnold real soon, and he did point out he might be the #2 when the season starts which I believe it will happen that way if so Darnold be one of two rookies to start immediately.

#30 Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins
My Rank: 32
To me if i'm looking at lowest of the low Quarterbacks that have never exactly proved themselves, and have somehow managed to last for seven season i'll never know why Tannehill is still around in Miami. He'll never reach his prime, and his 30 to the point Dolphins need to start over at that position, and they failed to do that this off-season. There's no way with this set of average receiving core, and all the other pieces around him are enough to resurrect a career that should end right now as a starter, and perhaps a backup long term. I mean what player consistently fumbles season after season? Now all of a sudden has bad knees kinda the realm Sam Bradford. Point is Tannehill is the worst starting Quarterback right now until proven otherwise.

#29 Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens
My Rank: 31
Yeah I cannot say Joe Flacco is just slightly better than Tannehill at this rate the only difference his not dead last is well his got a ring, and Tannehill never made it past the first round or no wait he didn't play in the playoffs because he has heath problems. Flacco when his in the Post-season is actually pretty impressive, but in the regular season a different animal you want to avoid. While Lamar Jackson could takeover during the season at some point i'll just trust the fact they'll start Flacco for a good portion of the season realizing his skills have gone rapidly diminished since winning the super bowl.

#28 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
My Rank: 27
This one is spot on considering Winston has had a history of doing dumb things off the field even in his Florida St. days. Jameis might be out of Tampa after the season is over. Koetter does not seem to like him that much based off last seasons tension relationship all collapsing the way it did. I see the Bucs starting over next season at quarterback unfortunately while Winston may never hit the field this season due to Ryan Fitzpatrick returning once again if he plays good then really you could put him lower than this.

#27 Baker Mayfield - Cleveland Browns
My Rank: N/A
I'm not a fan of the pick 1st overall this year however, Baker does show flashes that Cleveland may not give up on him easily like they did with Johnny Manziel who we all know is one of the worst players in NFL history. The comparison is definitely there, and if this goes the same pattern fine, but don't you dare lose Tyrod Taylor who actually is a very serviceable Quarterback to snatch up, and could be the reason Cleveland will get maybe more than 5 wins this year. If I had to replace him with another rookie it had to be Josh Allen although i'm not fan of him either, but i'll take a 6'5 over a 6'0 any day. I like Josh Rosen as well, but is Rosen gonna start when exactly over a corpse that has had history of bad knee problems in Sam Bradford. Why does this relate to Mayfield well for one there's no Bill or Cardinal on this list so i'll mention them in relation to one I can't exactly agree with yet being one of the 32.

#26 Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys
My Rank: 22
One of actually two of the minion crew hate Dak's guts since he got to the NFL. They see no legitimacy due to the fact he was given a tremendous Offensive line from the start with the than very done Tony Romo. Comes in has a nice rookie year, and than by the time Dez's skills didn't help the team, and Witten was just there Prescott passing game must be in question moving forward now that he has a lot of nobody that I can say be made anywhere near a #1 Wide out in that receiving core that got thus why its fitting you can't name any of his starters throwing to whom exactly?

#25 Mitchell Trubisky - Chicago Bears
My Rank: 18
This is one of the few I was somewhat surprised to see low when I heard Trubisky's name come up. Yes his rookie season was not good I get that, but based on the weapons he has around him, and an offensive line that could improve lookout for Mitchell Trubisky he could have that big second year of progression flashes. His gonna have Allen Robinson who is solid when healthy, a sneaky under the radar rookie perhaps in Anthony Miller, and Trey Burton who was second to Zach Ertz who had some nice plays last year in Philly. Nagy could be a big benefit for Trubisky moving forward, and thus I'm swapping between two second year quarterbacks pretty much is what I'm doing.

#24 Eli Manning - New York Giants
My Rank: 26
At this stage of his Career Eli is dead weight playing Quarterback, in his late 30's skill diminished quicker than any other player that is still actively playing today. Eli needs a replacement right now, while its nice you got the generational running back to have grace over your captain could use young shine, and not the old horse general that refuses to stop what's best moving forward. If Eli don't retire next season I don't know what you do exactly. Imagine Odell Beckham goes to a new home next off-Season, and then who do you throw to? Better yet its best your time has come at that point.

#23 Nick Foles - Philadelphia Eagles
My Rank: N/A
The MVP of the now previous super bowl 52 for the Eagles Nick Foles, unfortunately Foles would not make my 32 best. In terms of backups the best of them however Carson Wentz is the main guy over there long term. Do I think he deserves a starting gig any where sure especially the fact that i'm not denying his better than the ones he has put lower Like Ryan, Jameis, Joe etc. You know what Foles is technically a much better player than the next player above him.

#22 Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals
My Rank: 25
Yes super average Andy Dalton never winning in the postseason 0-4 there's one other guy later up on the list that has yet to win a playoff game, but has more of a chance now than Dalton will ever get of any shot anytime soon. When he did have his shining moments where he looked legit he would get hurt, and when he did have big moments they either go in some odd other direction. I cannot picture both Dalton and Lewis being around in the next five years right?

#21 Case Keenum - Denver Broncos
My Rank: 21
I mean I give the credit he does try to give it his all even if he ends getting replaced by the eventual long term starter in Jared Goff. Eventually got his big break in Minnesota to shine, and what we got well an vastly improved passer rating, and a system he looked real comfortable in despite not that great of an O-line as you fought it was. He might be okay in Denver, but my concern is whose gonna be his favorite weapon to use the most?

#20 Marcus Mariota - Tennessee Titans
My Rank: 17
While he had a terrible third year I trust Mariota will rebound, and look like the better player over what was the first pick of 2015 in Crab legs Winston who was doomed to fail from the start it seemed like. What I like about Mariota is that now his got some playoff experience he won a playoff game that's for one now build on that, and can he give it off to a consistent receiver that isn't named his favorite Tight End weapon in Delanie Walker.

#19 Tyrod Taylor - Cleveland Browns
My Rank: 19
Yeah I gotta admit I route for underdogs, and to me people say Case Keenum is the ultimate underdog, but Tyrod Taylor to me was somebody I wanted to see get over the hump Tyrod is the guy who can win you at least 5 games a season, and that's what he did in Buffalo. Cleveland getting this guy will help thi season, and the pieces around make him an underrated guy to look at in a way.

#18 Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs
My Rank: 24
I mean from the one game last year what is there to say really just barely beat Denver, and moved on to embarrassingly lose to Tennessee. Here we are Sir Patrick Mahomes is now the presumed starter without question, and now we get to see what some consider the strongest arm in football. His young he has the potential, but will he deliver is the question, and i'm very cautious when I think of somebody coming from Texas Tech.

#17 Jared Goff - Los Angeles Rams
My Rank: 15
Very fair spot I wouldn't put him near the 13-10 area that might be a bit high for Goff starting out, but yeah he has some good weapons around him to help get him in the grove of eventually looking more like a great quarterback down the road. Robert Woods looks better than ever than he ever did in Buffalo arguably. Your giving off short passes to Gurley, new addition of Brandin Cooks. If you can help get a decent Tight End than Goff could slowly look like the player to look forward to in L.A.

#16 Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers
My Rank: 8
His still somewhat of a top 10 player sure he make some great plays when accounted, but when his off target its usually against a team you expect them to be beaten by, and I can see a few games of that sort this year. At the least not having at top 15 is kinda off-putting his not as half- in half as Cam Newton, but strangely I have both players higher ranked for different reason why there big important players to their teams. Let me put it like this Jessie James may have a huge year Juju Smith-Schuster ended up looking like a very solid #2 weapon created by guess who Big Ben.

#15 Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers
My Rank: 9
accurate level horrible, but I can't deny how he managed to get through the super bowl with such a weak O-line that he had and still manage to have his best year at that time, but I get that his inconsistent and everything, but in the gram scheme there are times he does thrive with such a terrible O-line which is why I have in the top 10 as oppose top 15 which isn't off for me either.

#14 Derek Carr - Oakland Raiders
My Rank: 16
Carr is like the middle of the road Quarterback that could bounce back, but if not he could have a big fall this season harder than the last one. Derek Carr is definitely above David Carr who is honestly a terrible NFL network analyst, but anyways Derek has some interesting guys around him, yes he'll have two old running backs which alright, but then to get Jordy Nelson, and Martavis Bryant things could be interesting offense wise than defensive side of the football.

#13 Alex Smith - Washington Redskins
My Rank: 20
Okay look Alex Smith just came off the heels of his best season played in his career his last ride with the Chiefs was great however the fact his team disappointed in the post season was a big travesty seeing how hard he gave it his all. I just cannot see how his a top 15 player in a new system with a downgraded receiving core, and a team now hurting at running back. Alex Smith is one of the better accurate quarterbacks in the game, but surprise me again if you must. Usually anybody that goes to Washington its bad news heading down the road in their career.

#12 Kirk Cousins - Minnesota Vikings
My Rank: 12
Now we get to the remaining players who I believe in some way in shape of form are the 15 Quarterbacks to be accounted for. If Kirk Cousins manages to easily thrive with this Minnesota offense than lookout the argument for top 10 could be near winning a post season game, and maybe more if the hype is delivered. He did fairly well with a terrible set of surrounding players, and while the Vikings seemed okay with Case Keenum after getting as close as they did can Captain Kirk lead this team to look slightly better on offense in year one being a Viking?

#11 Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons
My Rank: 7
Granted Matty ice took a major step back as some expected after the super bowl hangover however he has plenty of weapons around him to still be considered a top 10 caliber quarterback just based on the fact he managed to make a super bowl, and even has a memorable catch phrase which is ''embrace the suck.''

#10 Jimmy Garoppolo - San Francisco 49ers
My Rank: 13
I'm not yet gonna push him as a top 10 guy yet he looks great based on being a winner so far, but this is teh first season we truly see what is in store for Garoppolo as the guy for this franchise. Jimmy G's gotta lot of underrated weapon sets around him, and has what looks to be an almost improved O-line equals juicy thing happening in San Fran. There better playing him than they were to keep rolling the dice on mediocre at best C.J Beathard,

#9 DeShaun Watson - Houston Texans
My Rank: 11
Watson is almost there for me he'll be high for a ton of people to do big things this year understandable, but if his fully healthy this season I could see the Texans being a team that could rule with fist full of Watson. What he did last season was very impressive with basically no offensive line by him, and that he had DeAndre Hopkins who is one of the 3 best receivers in the game.

#8 Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
My Rank: 10
My ceiling for Stafford would be as high a nine would be fair enough, but 8 little too high for me. I like him more at 10 because one i'm one of the negative Nancy's in this state that give Stafford a hard slam at things he has yet to prove, and what are they stat wise people are gonna throw me fine, but then give me legitimate wins. You can beat the teams you're suppose to beat, but then when it comes down to it in due time do I expect this guy to finally win a post-season game that is why I'd have him barely make the top 10.

#7 Phillip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers
My Rank: 6
I except Phillip Rivers to be huge this season, many see Chargers as an early favorite to go to the playoffs. While the AFC West is somewhat hard to predict I can't see why to go against what Rivers has done for this time so long, and to me the most underappreciated Quarterback playing today. I guy who in the past did win a playoff game, and honestly deserves a super bowl ring before he retires could this be the dark horse MVP candidate that was almost made top 5.

#6 Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks
My Rank: 4
Originally I fought Russell Wilson early on in his career was carried by an elite defense right. Well the defense started to take some big injury hits lasts season, and he push hard for that team to get as close as they did by just barely missing the playoffs. They won't get anywhere close to that this year, but the whole team is gonna look to depend on Russell Wilson thus he is one of five best in today's game, and that his O-line is so bad he still manages to have quick time to either get out or short pass to somebody in open space.

#5 Tom Brady - New England Patriots
My Rank: 1
To me I cannot see how Tom Brady is not the top guy and while yes his 41 and all. In terms of wins he hasn't slowed his game down which is why I cannot see well I guess Rodgers that anybody beats Brady I mean No offense I like wentz, but his gotta a lot more years to go, Andrew Luck Ha no, Brees... best #9 in the game, but I still go with Brady because there were some times last year Drew's game wasn't as good as the previous years.

#4 Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles
My Rank: 5
Came off a big second year, and a guy I can see being up here in future years, but at four i'm gonna say a little bit high I'd definitely say top ten though just slightly high for me. I can see the ceiling of five though based on what he did last season. Carson has what I would see as the best O-line in football yes even better than Dallas if you look how solid they were. He won't start immediately I would guess, but when he comes back he will be back in strong form.

#3 Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts
My Rank: 14
Okay this is the only one I have strong disagreement with only because his been out of football for almost a year and a half now, and i'm not sure if he'll be that same guy he was in 2013 kind like Josh Gordon ironically enough. Luck has some tough competition this year going against efficient defenses of the AFC South. No way would I rank Luck as the 3rd best Quarterback in the league no way is that happening i'm not that confident he'll be the guy that he was for all we know he could pop that shoulder off again and then what do the Colts do? Yes his team is absolutely horrible all around, but I just... ugh I'm speechless Top 15 yes, Top 3 you gotta be kidding me ''Stay off the WEED!''

#2 Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
My Rank: 2
For me Drew Brees has much to prove this season, he'll want revenge in the devastating loss to the Vikings, and in doing so is he gonna ball out this season I say we will see the old Drew Brees we all know, and love. To me without him your team is done for. You'll still have a run game, but being one dimensional is not very fun either.

#1 Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
My Rank: 3
The king of throwing the long hail mary's better than anyone else in the league. I can get why his one for him, and his three for me I think Brees, and Brady will prove to be the players they are, and meanwhile Rodgers while great as well I can't argue he is a top 3 player absolutely. Now his gonna have his old explosive offensive coordinator back, and he'll fix the tight end connection lookout he'll mentally beat a defense that commits a ton of penalties better than any better else.

Now I've given you my take on all 32 plus other I have on my list, and then take a look at the stands i'm at with this. I will not re explain, but just give the idea, and tell me in the comment which of these is better looking overall.

Ht's List (Enjoy the Nicknames)
#32 Ryan Plastihill
#31 Joe ''No more cool'' Flacco
#30 Sammy Darnold
#29 Josh ''6'5'' Allen
#28 ''The Other Josh'' Rosen
#27 Jameis ''Crab legs'' Winston
#26 ''Who is'' Eli Manning
#25 Andy ''Lost Soul'' Dalton
#24 Patrick ''Strong Arms'' Mahomes
#23 Flaky Fortles
#22 Dak ''Hides behind the great wall'' Prescott
#21 ''Head'' Case Keenum
#20 Alex ''smartest IQ'' Smith
#19 Tarod Taylor
#18 Mitch Tribune
#17 Mucus Mariota
#16 ''The Surprising Other Brother'' Derek Carr
#15 Jared ''The Golden Bear'' Goff
#14 Andrew ''Shoulder-less'' Luck
#13 Jimmy G.
#12 Captain Kirk Cousins
#11 DeShaun ''Magic'' Watson
#10 Matthew Statford
#9 Fig Newton
#8 Big Ben
#7 Matty Ice
#6 Phillip ''Fired Up'' Rivers
#5 Carson Wentzylvania
#4 Danger Russ
#3 A.A Ron Rodgers
#2 Drew Breezy
#1 The G.O.A.T Tom Brady

Thank you i'll see you next time.


The one thing that may settle the debate between Brady and Rodgers is their upcoming game. Your rankings seem more accurate than the radio talk show ones. - PackFan2005