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41 Cade McNown

The guy was, to put it simply, a survivor. He came back in 2007 and rocked the Raiders to the playoffs.

42 Norm Van Brocklin

The only quarterback to win the championship with different teams and his last championship was with a team that had never been a contender before.

43 Johnny Manziel Johnny Manziel Jonathan Paul Manziel is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Towards the end of the 2015 season the infamous story of with reports circulating that he was in Las Vegas instead of in Cleveland with more.

John party's too much he's bull crap

HOW is this guy above Joe Namath

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44 Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater Theodore Edmond "Teddy" Bridgewater II is an American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.
45 Y.A. Tittle
46 Donovan Mcnabb Donovan Mcnabb Donovan Jamal McNabb is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for thirteen seasons.

He should be in the top 20 he benefited the Eagles highly the best quarterback they had probably and is better than vick

This guy should be first for crying out loud

47 Cam Newton Cam Newton Cameron Jerrell Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

Why are people like Ryan Leaf, and JaMarcus Russell ahead of him. Cam Newton had one of the best years for a rookie ever and got 2nd in the Madden 13 cover voting, and I in the final four this year. He is a big, speedy, double threat guy.

He is having the best year ever this season in 2015. they were 14-0 but lost to the falcons

He acted like a big baby after the super bowl

I hope this changes at the end of this season

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48 Joe Namath Joe Namath Joseph William Namath, nicknamed "Broadway Joe", is a former American football quarterback and actor.

Joe Namath is the second coming of jesus christ

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49 Warren Moon

Warren Moon at 47 is a travesty. What an awful list.

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50 Tony Romo Tony Romo Antonio Ramiro "Tony" Romo is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

Tony romo is so overrated

Romo? Seriously? Why is he even on this list?

He lost so many games on his own. Redskins Cowboys 2012. Lions Cowboys 2014. Cowboys Packers 2014.

He throws 2 INT per game and he sucks who likes this guy

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51 Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Timothy Richard Tebow is an American professional baseball outfielder in the New York Mets organization and a former professional American football player in the National Football League.

Awesome, should be # 19 and beat Big Ben

Better than most QB playing today. Won't play him because he is a Christian. Tim is a winner

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52 Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick

Why is he on the list he's only played half a year

Speedy and a big arm does it all.

Average when it comes to throwing, but is good at running the ball.

He can Run very good and almost won the 49ers 6th SB

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53 Philip Rivers

Come on in 2013-2014 he had a better season then Brady and Alex Smith - Charginup85

54 Joe Flacco Joe Flacco Joseph Vincent Flacco is an American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. V 2 Comments
55 Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill Ryan Timothy Tannehill III is an American football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.
56 Len Dawson
57 Roman Gabriel
58 Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III Robert Lee Griffin III, nicknamed RG3, is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.

He brought the wost team in the nfl to the playoffs his rookie year

He is a great quarterback in my eyes



59 Matt Schaub V 2 Comments
60 Tim Couch

Who the hell is Tim couch

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