Top Ten NFL Rivalries of the 2000s

The Top Ten

1 Steelers vs Eagles
2 Patriots vs. Bills
3 Colts vs. Giants
4 Patriots vs Dolphins
5 Jets vs. Patriots

No Dought the Biggest Rivalry.

6 Steelers vs. Browns
7 Packers vs. Bears

It says the 2000s not the 80s buddy

13!? What!? Should be #1! - huskie44

8 Steelers vs. Jaguars
9 Cowboys vs. Eagles

A Huge Rivalry between two top teams.

10 Steelers vs. Ravens

There are basically two teams in the AFC North, and these two are those teams.

An Intense Fan Rivalry.

The Contenders

11 Redskins vs. Cowboys
12 Patriots vs. Giants

The Pats have more than one rival.

13 Colts vs. Patriots

3 rivals is just nonsense. More Bruises for this team.

14 Bengals vs. Browns
15 Dolphins vs. Bills
16 Colts vs. Texans
17 Packers vs. Lions
18 Broncos vs. Chargers
19 49ers vs. Ravens
20 49ers vs Seahawks
21 Colts vs. Saints
22 Giants vs. Eagles
23 Steelers vs. Titans
24 Vikings vs. Packers
25 Giants vs. Cowboys
26 49ers vs. Rams
27 Broncos vs. Raiders
28 Chiefs vs. Raiders
29 Jets vs. Titans
30 Jets vs. Redskins
31 Titans vs. Texans

Best in league

32 Dolphins vs. Jets
33 Bengals vs. Steelers
34 Saints vs. Falcons
35 Cowboys vs 49ers
36 Giants vs 49ers
37 Giants vs. Jets
38 Patriots vs. Raiders
39 49ers vs. Packers
40 Ravens vs. Patriots
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