Ht's NFL Power Rankings: Week XVII

htoutlaws2012 With one week remaining who goes into the week with much greater chance of making the playoffs and who may be missing out of it. The arrows even with the confusing layout indicates that yes the corresponding teams move up as seen, or move down, but in the opposite order due to the fact people read the top but never the bottom tier teams. Now its time to think about who has gotten weaker heading into the draft in spring from poor to strong let's do this!

#32 Arizona Cardinals -- (3-12): With 1st pick the Arizona Cardinals select... everything and anything at this point. Seriously they are the bottom feeders this year where they remind of playing them as the Phoenix Cardinals in Tecmo Super Bowl there that bad they wasted a season in Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, and David Johnson. Don't let the pro bowl vote deceive you his had a bad season, and there's a good chance two of these three are leaving, and Arizona is far away from contending, and good luck to the next guy who wants the job because this won't be as easy one.

#31 Oakland Raiders -- (4-11): With the 2nd pick the Raiders select... could it be Derek Carr's replacement or they plan to give him youthful weapons around him? You can make the case for defense seeing the back half of the field is bad linebacker has been a mess giving away Irvin, and Mack gone that's probably the clear need, but is their a 2nd worthy one on the board until than?

#30 San Francisco 49ers ↓ 2 (4-11): With the 3rd pick 49ers select.... while the offense has been banged up all year I say you still needed more depth in receivers, and mostly more defensive players especially linebacker help in the middle hurts. While there playing better this stretch down the field there's no reason in beating Rams now is there? They could do it and hurt themselves, but a top 3 pick would be better off.

#29 New York Jets -- (4-11): With the 4th pick the Jets select... A new head coach, and improve in the trenches is where you should target most. They do show some potential at the weapons when everybody clicks, but there bad in the line they new some serious help there more than anything else. Almost hurt themselves by beating the Packers.

#28 Detroit Lions ↓ 2 (5-10): ''Dad what's a Hail Mary again? I don't know son were Lions.''

#27 Buffalo Bills ↓ 5 (5-10): With the 6th pick the Bills select... any needing supporting cast for Josh Allen to have. This includes a healthy new tail back, Brand new weapons to throw to wide receiver and or Tight End, and of course a good protecting scheme.

#26 Jacksonville Jaguars ↑ 4 (5-10): With the likelihood that the Jags should go all offense in the draft, and really no need to target defense that should be the goal better fix this thing right before you lose all those special talented layers you have around you. They win a game they shouldn't that would hurt a bit, but that offensive player should be there for the taken.

#25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ↓ 1 (5-10): The team may look much worse next seasons seeing how many players and personnel loss causality will hurt dramatically. You need a new leader I'd be done with Winston at this point, and honestly Fitzmagic I'd also be gone with too sadly the great journeyman fizzled out quickly. You have two very good productive tight end and a very decent receiving core going to waste get a brand new guy in their and things could maybe shown some light, although the bigger need is on the defensive side especially in the secondary more less.

#24 New York Giants ↑ 1 (5-10): The Giants do have a good offense, but the question will they actually stick out with Eli Manning? Defense is clearly the bigger need, but are the G-Man gonna finally set a new era in motion in 2019?

#23 Cincinnati Bengals ↓ 2 (6-9): For a 6 win team there gonna be descending more perhaps because sure A.J. Green, and Joe Mixon are good they must move on from both Marvin Lewis, and of course Andy Dalton who hasn't proven anything kinda like Matthew Stafford in a lot of ways. Otherwise its gonna be the same wasted season again, and another hapless organization that doesn't care about a quality football team.

#22 Atlanta Falcons ↑ 5 (6-9): Now Atlanta does have the talent overall, but there are some veterans I'd be worried about. Vic Beasley had his worst season and regressed. Secondary when Keanu Neal was out was for the most part non-existent. I mean defense is the bigger need, but at the same time there's a good chance they take one more shot at a running back in this coming up draft.

#21 Green Bay Packers ↑ 2 (6-8-1): Well i'm curious who Packers bring in to coach Aaron Rodgers because since being coach-less he has been 2-1 and most likely makes it 3 since firing Mike McCarthy who has been the main reason for this teams failure once again. Something about this offense seems off more than the defense does because early Packers could stop the run well than they lost Muhammad Wilkerson and Mike Daniels which hurt badly. If you ask me while the defense has looked exposed at times i'm looking at offensive line as the glaring need because look how morale Rodgers is when his pressure sure the left tackle is good, but look at the rest around him.

#20 Denver Broncos -- (6-9): Where do I begin you had a good chance at maybe sneaking in the playoffs that wen out the door when you choked to the niners, and now with the defense carrying them along with Philip Lindsay Denver should thank hard about their quarterback situation is Case Keenum still your guy? If not I wouldn't mind them taking that should for a Dawyne Haskins or a Kyle Murray even I would be all for it. Offense might be the clear need however another corner next to Chris Harris would be helpful there is cracks in the secondary now than there was 3 seasons ago.

#19 Carolina Panthers -- (6-9): I... I'm just lost for words what happened to this team. Carolina to me looks mostly the same, but whatever the case they have lost due to Cam Newton's faltering 2nd half, and the defensive not really tackling effectively. Its clear who the long term running back is without question McCaffrey is sensational. The coordinator must of been atrocious to the point that the team to need even though it looks like Rivera is gonna do that himself.

#18 Miami Dolphins ↓ 2 (7-8): I'm sorry its just not possible to have the most average squad put around you,a nd expect to go far, and a bit surprise at the wins they had I didn't like their approach coming into the season, and now there sitting there with big decision of maybe firing Adam Gase, and may finally be rid of Ryan Tannehill since they chose not to draft a quarterback.

#17 Washington Redskins ↑ 1 (7-8): Another somewhat average team with an improved defense carrying them more less. Can Jay Gurden survive the chopping block, and well they focus on the offensive side of the ball if anything seeing how bad the receiving core is please upgrades are needed, and they must find a quarterback due to Alex Smith who look to never play another game ever again.

#16 Cleveland Browns ↓ 1 (7-7-1): Now here's what trending more up and that's the Browns finally seeing the light, and got rid of possibly the worst head coach in history in Hue Jackson beating him twice as justice. Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb look like quite the rookie duo especially what they displayed. John Dorsey is looking like a genius hire that may save Cleveland football with hope in 2019.

#15 Tennessee Titans ↓ 1 (9-6): The Titans are a above average type team I wouldn't say good because there are times they come out like crap, but than there are games there ready to play against anybody. the Titans passing attack has been terrible, and how can we fix this oh I know how fire the offensive coordinator what happened to Mariota? He was on the up side in his first two years now his taking steps back why? If it wasn't for Derrick Henry this Titans team probably would of been out sooner than later, but ultimately seeing they have never beaten Andrew Luck I don't like their chances against history, and the tiebreaker to boot puts them just out of reach.

#14 Minnesota Vikings ↓ 2 (8-6-1): I know exactly what your all thinking the Vikings out of the 12 why do you say that? Well i'm very concerned there just gonna miss the playoffs I mean yeah they handled business against the Lions, but the real must win is against Da Bears now that should be interesting, but ultimately I see that defense being too much Vikings come up short even with a change at offense.

#13 Pittsburgh Steelers ↓ 2 (8-6-1): Sorry Steeler nation, but that loss to New Orleans absolutely stings bad doesn't it. Baltimore is on there way from taking your playoff spot, and even if you beat the horrid Bengals I say this is a sign of you guessed it the MADDEN CURSE! That's right Steelers got cursed they fought they could defy the streak, and instead they are a week away from officially being eliminated.

#12 New England Patriots ↓ 3 (10-5): Now we rank who will make the playoff based on what i'm going off of here. Okay let's be honest The patriots do not look Patriot like this season, the passing game is not nearly what it should be. Gronkowski looks nothing like he once was I think there the worst team that's clinched in honestly they got in because their division is just bad and nothing more. The running game is good, but that's it Brady is just hard to watch how much he has fallen since his 500 yard performance from the previous super bowl. Defense is better than it was last season, but the big plays and fatigued sets in as they could be set to be out like that as the two seed.

#11 Dallas Cowboys ↓ 3 (9-6): Got a very good defense carrying them, and have one of the best running backs in the league in Ezekiel Elliott getting most of the work load on the offense, bu the last few weeks i'm a bit worried that offense won't be enough despite the slogan ''defense wins championships.''

#10 Indianapolis Colts ↑ 3 (9-6): There's a likely chance in the big battle for the AFC South challengers only one can go to the playoffs. I give the edge to the guy Andrew Luck has an undefeated streak against the Titans. The possibility of playing a higher seed what could they do to make the playoffs shake up more compelling especially the competitive AFC conference?

#9 Seattle Seahawks ↑ 1 (9-6): Despite the horrid looking loss to the nienrs they cleaned up their act giving up less penalties, and focus their attention to the playoffs, and honestly Seattle might be that dark horse being very overlooked right now. Rams want no part of them again, A match against the Cowboys would be the way to see where things go I just think i'm going with Russell Wilson over Dak Prescott for sure.

#8 Philadelphia Eagles ↑ 9 (8-7): I got a strong belief after regretfully ruling them out that they may not only win their last game against Washington, but also see the Vikings potentially choke to Da Bears who would like nothing more than to eliminate the rest of their rivals outta their and does anybody wanna play against Nick Foles right now?

#7 Houston Texans ↓ 2 (10-5): After a tough loss the Texans have not yet clinch a spot, nor the bye which means they must play in the wildcard and fight out with potentially the 6th seed against a familiar rival of either the Colts or Titans. If there has been one vulnerable weakness as of late in this Texans defense its not up front its more less the secondary has been giving up big pass plays that kills them in the end, and that showed against Philly, and even if they chose to lose to Jacksonville it won't mean much, but the next game counts.

#6 Los Angeles Rams ↓ 2 (12-3): Got a much needed win to stay on pace to keep the two seed, but they need it bad. Rethink this strategy especially if that team is Da Bears oh man this re-match should be very intense to see.

#5 Los Angeles Chargers ↓ 3 (11-4): They got absolutely nothing going on offense even with Kennan Allen, and Melvin Gordon back well this is seems odd to think after the two comeback wins outta Philip Rivers. Should be a sleeper team however, but the re-match against the Ravens can they adjust and find away to stop a much greater threat.

#4 Chicago Bears ↑ 2 (11-4): While their offense is decent, but much more diverse than Dallas. Chicago can make waves, but than again could they be that one team to put away the Eagles if they do indeed be the ones to go to cold frigid temperatures fearless ready for a war? This defense has been great, but now comes the very unusual sleeper teams at the final seed sometimes go deep.

#3 Baltimore Ravens ↑ 4 (9-6): I know what your thinking Baltimore at 3rd? Well shutting down an offense like of the Chargers that has been playing great comeback on offense is a statement win, and one that might have ended the Steelers season. There's a good chance these prepare again, but the outcome stay the same. Either way the lower end AFC teams are quite dangerous to handle.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs ↑ 1 (11-4): Despite the loss they have an offense where the stay in it on the opposite of the touchdown lead or trail vise versa. Patrick Mahomes is the reason why they are who they are right now period, and one thing I have noticed that has been killing this team is not the running game, but the awful defense now starting to show up again right in the thick of things. Could there be another Andy Reid choke hold upon us?

#1 New Orleans Saints -- (13-2): The entire NFC Conference run into the real house of horrors in New Orleans beware because I might be looking at the pick on one end of the spectrum right here. heir offense is slowly coming back now after fizzling a little bit, but the defense in many ways has played much better football than they started out. With the type of balance they run how can I not say they the best record wise, and should be able to control what looks to be destiny written for them.

There you have it folks 17 long grueling weeks now comes to a close. I gotta be honest this season has been exciting to watch if you take away the homer part of the game look at the rest of the other teams. I'll see you in the post-season with my picks, and who ultimately win in super bowl 53 for now those 20 teams that are out better take notes i'm out.


I think the big reason Mariota is struggling is because they are missing Delanie Walker. Corey Davis is the main target and I mean I love Davis, but that is not enough. - 2storm