PackFan’s Playoff Predictions 2018-2019

Playoff time is here! The NFL regular season has officially wrapped up, and now we get to see the league’s best teams battle it out for the super bowl. Now, our teams have been set, but what will happen. Here, I will predict the results of 2018’s playoffs. But first, here’s a look at the seeding of both conferences.

#1. New Orleans Saints (13-3)
#2. Los Angeles Rams (13-3)
#3. Chicago Bears (12-4)
#4. Dallas Cowboys (10-6)
#5. Seattle Seahawks (10-6)
#6. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)

#1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
#2. New England Patriots (11-5)
#3. Houston Texans (11-5)
#4. Baltimore Ravens (10-6)
#5. Los Angeles Chargers (12-4)
#6. Indianapolis Colts (10-6)

NFC Wild Card

#4. Dallas Cowboys: 29
#5. Seattle Seahawks: 31
I have this as a close grudge match in Jerry World. Both Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson will light up the field Passing to their top wideouts in Amari Cooper and Doug Baldwin. In the end, I have Seattle pulling it off, with their defense getting a key stop late in the fourth quarter.

#3. Bears: 33
#6. Eagles: 20
I don’t know what the status of Nick Foles is going into this one. If he doesn’t play, Philly is toast, but if he does, well, I still have them losing. For a team that’s been hard hit with injuries this year and having to face the ferocious Bears at Soldier Field, this will be a huge challenge. But I just don’t see any magic from Philly this year.

AFC Wild Card

#3. Texans: 24
#6. Colts: 27
Here, the #6 seed comes with an upset over their division rival, who hasn’t really had much playoff success over the years. The Colts are red hot, and will continue to be hot into this huge game.

#4. Ravens: 20
#5. Chargers: 19
Interesting match here, as just a few weeks ago, Baltimore dominated Los Angeles. This game gives the Chargers a good opportunity for revenge, but I don’t see it happening. Oh, it’ll be close, but just when they can tie it up, I predict that their kicking woes will find them again, and they’ll miss an extra point at the wrong time. As for the Ravens, it won’t exactly be an offensive field day, with Lamar Jackson making rookie mistakes, but the defense will win them the game.

NFC Divisional

#2. Rams: 35
#3. Bears: 38
Remember when the Bears held the Rams to just 6 points? Well, this game definitely won’t be like that one. The Rams are playing at home, and will get up early in the game. But the Bears defense will get after them, and forge a comeback, and end the game winning by a field goal. The Rams will go one and done in the playoffs for a second straight year.

#1. Saints: 20
#5. Seahawks: 10
I think this will be low scoring, grudge match with two feared NFC teams. However, the Saints play harder, not wanting to lose in the divisional again, and end up fending off the hungry Seahawks.

AFC Divisional

#1. Chiefs: 33
#6. Colts: 28
In recent years, Kansas City has faltered with home playoff games (cough cough Titans cough cough), but I think they will finally get past all that this year. This Colts defense should be feared, but Patrick Mahomes is leading the league’s best offense. They have so many weapons that it’ll overwhelm the Colts. However, Kansas City’s defense will allow quite a bit of points, which is concerning.

#2. Patriots: 20
#4. Ravens: 25
Remember in 2010 when the Ravens pounded the Patriots in the playoffs? Well, I don’t see them dominating the Patriots, but I still see them winning yet again. That’s right folks, the Patriots will go one and done in the playoffs, and miss the AFC Championship for the first time in years. Strange to say that.

NFC Championship

#1. Saints: 28
#3. Bears: 27
This will be a fun one to watch, but it will all come down to defense. This Bears defense is fearsome, but they’re going up against the Saints on their home turf. And New Orleans is hungry for another super bowl title. It’ll all come down to the very end, where Mitchell Trubisky will throw a costly interception to end Chicago’s super bowl hopes.

AFC Championship

#1. Chiefs: 28
#4. Ravens: 14
I really had to think about this one. The Ravens nearly beat the Chiefs during the regular season, but they weren’t under such immense pressure like they will be here. The Chiefs will pick apart the Ravens, who have been playing for weeks without much rest. Patrick Mahomes will lead his Chiefs to the super bowl in just his second season in the league.

Super Bowl LIII

#1. Saints: 42
#1. Chiefs: 40
This will be one of the most exciting Super Bowls in years. Two MVP candidates battling it out in Atlanta for a chance at a title. This will end up being a wild shootout between Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes, with both exceeding 400 passing yards. In the end, I believe experience will beat the Chiefs, and their defense will falter. Here, the New Orleans Saints will win their second super bowl, and Drew Brees may go out like Peyton Manning.


I hope we get to the Super Bowl but I’m gonna be cautious about that. We need to win a Game at Arrowhead First. - Randomator

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