Counter Analyzing: USA Today's Nate Davis ''2019 NFL Projections''

htoutlaws2012 I'm not gonna release all of the teams, but if your curious of these projections where your team is i'll say them in the comments, but I found this to be interesting considering who wrote this article literally a month early. Here's what Davis feels will thrive, and will do poorly some of these are either could be true, or could be very off varying injury of course.

Worst Projected Records/NFC North: There are five teams tied for the Worst record with 3 Wins are the following... Cardinals (Okay), Bengals (Yep), Dolphins (Yep), Redskins (Too talented for a 3 win team there more like a 6-9 wins squad) and fascinatingly enough the Lions (No, highly disagree). Now yes the Lions have a brutal first half start to the season, but yet ESPN gave them a ranking of 6th (A sole analyst had them as the most improved) for what they consider a highly improved team from what they have done in the off-season. In comparison to the other four teams there better than a 3 win team. Staying in that division actually seeing that its a very unpredictable Green Bay has the talent of a 9 win team, but knowing their history their always gonna have some sort of odd like injury at what position is the question, but they also have the question mark relationship between Matt and Aaron. They have Da Bears not finishing back to the division crown, but has them at least making the playoff, but what I find very intriguing is not only does he have the Vikings winning, but also losing to Da Bears so would that be considered a successful season by not winning a playoff game with Kirk Cousins?

AFC North: Turning things to the opposite sided conference, and we have the Browns not making even making the playoffs in what world with this loaded roster is that even possible? Well actually injuries would have to be the case, but Davis has the Steelers winning the AFC North i'm not too sure about that but they have the talent its just when is Tomlin's luck gonna run out, and that Big Ben ain't getting any younger so that defense which has been getting better has to play consistently great for me to be convinced.

NFC South: Let's turn down south where we find the NFC South that is, and of all things I never would think anybody could outdo a superpower like Saints, but they have the Falcons with 11 wins and bouncing back for Dan Quinn to be safe. Base don what I see Atlanta could oppose as a legitimate threat to New Orleans, but if that defense can rebound back from what it was two seasons ago than this might be true, but above the Saints not sure about that despite the offense being moderately good. Tampa Bay being overlooked as a 5 win team is surprising a little bit seeing that Carolina has been a bit beat up from what i'm picturing.

AFC South: I'm actually on the same boat with three of these, but Jacksonville with 10 wins hmm.... Nick Foles to me does not have that good of supporting weapons as it seems to be viewed. Fournette has injury problems, receiving core ain't all that I feel like Jaguars season is gonna highly depend on two things a defensive bounce back and Nick Foles plays like a god with literally below average players.

NFC West, East & Super Bowl picks: I don't have a big issue with the AFC West or East seeing those are actually accurate to me unless injury occurs than there's a different perspective on things. Speaking of which that leaves me with the NFC East and West. They got Eagles and 49ers winning their respective divisions meaning the Rams must be suffering the super bowl hangover this time around, and somehow has Dallas just missing the cusp virtual of the final game perhaps? Skip down to his super bowl picks he has the Chargers defeating the Eagles to give that franchise their first win, but backtrack for a second having them beat the Patriots. As talented as that Chargers team is they always run into a bull saw of New England eight last meetings.

Well there's that while I didn't need to say every team seeing some of them are actually more about where they seem to be but didn't need that much to be mentioned of. Until next time for more to come wait another month for those counter predictions from various users.


I can see the reasoning behind a fair amount of these predictions. But Chargers winning the Super Bowl is a bit of a stretch especially considering Rivers 0-8 against Brady. Few other exaggerations I see
San Francisco
and Jacksonville

I already talked about the AFC West briefly but I’ll try to bring out the big guns with my predictions in early August - Randomator

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