ProFootballTalk's NFL Power Rankings

htoutlaws2012 These are usually not too bad, but with what I found I find some of these kinda absurd how high or low they are based on early judgment.

32. New York Jets: This is not surprising considering the way they drafted. The Jets are purposely tanking to get the next QB in 2018 why else are the Jets expected to suck in 2017.

31. Cleveland Browns: I think there still going to be a bad team, but they might be slightly better than the last 2 years combined which would not again surprise me. Yet again this is the Browns i'm talking about here.

30. Chicago Bears: Da Bears are in a lot of hot water to do well this year. Taking a QB, and not only that but trade up one spot to give up a ridiculous ton. I can't believe Ryan Pace isn't fired right now, I feel bad for John Fox who I know can be a great coach, but this isn't going to save them. I mean right now this looks like a below average offense with average receivers which doesn't work.

29. San Francisco 49ers: The niners may have to be a surprise pick for me, I get why there this low, but there not going to be a great team under Brian Hoyer by any means, but when he was with the Browns he managed to be alright, and serve a decent purpose. With that said look out for the 49ers they will sleep for a lot of people.

28. Jacksonville Jagaurs: This is almost right except the Colts might be a lot worst in terms of roster. the Jags have all these capable players who can do stuff, but the problem with his team is there OL, and DL are so freaking awful they can't do anything which is why Bortles intercepts the ball constantly last year, which is why Chris Ivory could not run for his life like he had done with Saints, or Jets. Why are people high for Fournette he is expected to suck his first year in Jacksonville.

27. L.A Rams: To me they are the worst team in the NFC West, Todd Gurley must have that great run he had his first season otherwise like said before this team is going to have a very grim season.

26. Indianapolis Colts: Holy crap the Colts looking horrible, in 2014 they went from almost going to the super bowl, to going way down with no running game a line that struggles quite a bit, and a defense that has a lot of question marks.

25. Washington Redskins: While I agree there probably going to be the worst NFC East team coming into the season, but this low kind of absurd. Redskins have a QB throwing for his life with young weapons at his disposals. An OL that's actually pretty good, a Defense that is mediocre at best there are times there are good, and then there are times they just flat out suck. At #25 though you'll see how many teams coming should be lower than the skins.

24. L.A Chargers: High powered offense, weak DL, a line backing core that could use another man to step up, and the secondary is actually decent, but above the Redskins no.

23. Buffalo Bills: Decent mobile QB, great RB, A lot of question on that defense if they can stay healthy, even if so there secondary is the immediate weakness losing there #1 to the enemy Patriots.

22. Arizona Cardinals: Have a very great talented running back in David Johnson, but that's really it honestly. I guess you could say Patrick Peterson, but the whole team is strange. You have a QB in his late 30's whom is probably entering his final year, and Larry is another who should of just left like he said because this team isn't going to get it done.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: The offense is going to take a huge blow look at those key OL that left, and tel me how much trouble Andy Dalton will be in. a questionable running game in which we have no idea whose really starting, a great wide receiver in A.J Green. The DL took a little blow with losing a key player, and some other guys ended up leaving as well. This is a bad time for Cincy fans.

20. Minnesota Vikings: Welcome back to mediocre realm Viking fans I feel really bummed out for you. This team looked so good, and I thought they could of possibly dominated the NFC North for years to come, however what I fear you guys will end up having a one dimensional offense that once again can't run the ball, and (I hope to god this doesn't happen) Sam Bradford is your starting Quarterback again. I noticed that big pickup in Riley Reiff which is a bad pickup he can't block for crap on the left side have fun with that struggle you'll have to face in 16 games.

19. New Orleans Saints: Your telling me the Saints with a great awesome offense, but have one of the worst defenses is better than the Redskins, and to me you switch these two teams around it makes a lot more sense.

18. Philadelphia Eagles: Eagles are a sleeper team this year having 3 WR's, and that Wentz can move makes them more unpredictable. They may just miss the playoffs, but I expect this team to get really close.

17. Carolina Panthers: While Carolina was in last place in the NFC South which nobody would of predicted them to be really bad, they could turn around with a rookie running back that can change the way there offense can usually go that did not work last year.

16. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are about where they should be to be honest, they are are either a below average, or there just above average with a coach who has won a super bowl with this team.

15. Detroit Lions: Being at 15 seems about right a lot like the ravens there whether below or above average with basically one player carrying the whole team. however in his first 4 games will see how he really is against teams he has been bad against in the past as they come in with greater expectations to get 1 playoff win which is hard to go back to back playoffs.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay is one of those very decently balanced teams that has just enough to make noise for the playoffs. Winston at Quarterback is interesting then top if off with all the weapons he'll have this year makes him a lot more of a threat. There defense is pretty good to the point they made a pretty good 2nd half by beating teams that went into the playoffs which was quite impressive wins such as Chiefs, Seahawks, and nearly close to beating the Cowboys this is a team not to take lightly.

13. Houston Texans: Houston will be a tough team to match up defensively they'll give up very few points which with J.J Watt coming makes them way more tougher than they surprisingly were in the playoffs. Add the rookie who may make some noise.

12. Denver Broncos: Great defense, but a very sluggish offense that has a ton of question marks. While a defense can carry a team in the playoffs (85 Bears, and 2000 Ravens) Are the 2017 Broncos going to follow that statistic?

11. Miami Dolphins: There offense is okay, not that bad, but they could use a little more better blockers, and they can be a legitimate threat. The defense dramatically improved which was a big surprise for how bad they were in 2015. Can Gase keep this momentum going into this season?

10. Tennessee Titans: The Titans left their mark on a high note getting a upset win over the Texans with a backup Quarterback shows how great that Offensive line will be on paper this season. That offense is going to look unbelievable. The defense is almost there however just a little more spark and you might be looking at a division champ for years to come.

9. New York Giants: The team to lookout for is the Giants, while it was the first time to see the Giants not make it past the first round of the playoffs, don't underestimate how good they were. The defense was greatly resurrected, and the offense got a pretty solid #2 WR something they have missed for quite a while. The only two cons that could hurt them is running the ball less, and also the line backing core is the glare valuable position of the defense.

8. Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs had been very consistent since Andy Reid has come into Kansas City, however something tells me they could change, maybe. They have a defense no doubt, but the offense is going to consist of a pass to Kelce, or a short pass to Ware (if he can stay healthy), once in a while Tyreek Hill, but he'll be more of the return TD's which always helps. point though is Alex Smith has been there for awhile, and if he sucks could it be possible that Patrick Mahomes is the savior of Kansas City if so well done you finally moved on from a guy who hasn't prove he can go that far even with a good team around him.

7. Seattle Seahawks: Seattle by no surprise is almost a lock for the playoffs I mean look at there division they can easily take a spot right off the bat. A team carried by its defense for the most part, but they do step up when its needed which is a little surprising how they started doing this since infamous 2012 controversy that started this 5 season playoff reign, but that's for another day.

6. Oakland Raiders: My pick to go to this years super bowl, while the defense is not great they might be good enough just to get past the tough opponents they have in there schedule. Derek Carr is playing out of his mind right now. Add in Beast mode now the offense probably got a huge upgrade, two solid WR's, the 2nd best line behind Dallas's great wall. The parts of that defense is pretty good I mean Khalil Mack is unbelievable, Reggie Nelson good in that secondary, Jihad Ward was pretty beast in his first year. I say the Raiders are slowly getting the right pieces just to get far back in the Jon Gruden days..

5. Dallas Cowboys: While there great offensively as they are, I have a feeling there going to disappoint. The defense by no means is that great pretty weak actually, but against division opponents they do step up. I just have a feeling they'll still make the playoffs, but could make another first round exit if anything.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers have probably the 2nd most explosive offense right now with its triplets in Ben, Bell, Brown. The defense has gotten a lot better than last year not all the way, but just enough to make it far to the playoffs.

3. Green Bay Packers: Too high for a super suspect defense that has its own strange problems. The offense does step up at the right times, and that immediately throws off a lot of teams. Also I can't vision a WR playing RB position is just ridiculous. Those two things alone make me think there are in no way top 3 this year you have to see for yourself the weak points early on, but can they get magical run like last year? I say absolutely not.

2. Atlanta Falcons: The team that is the most unpredictable the Falcons, and the super high flying offense of doom, two solid RB, Matt Ryan finally in his prime showing he can lead this team. Three solid WR's, a great OL, A defense still young enough to be a threat for a lot of years. Can they redeem themselves for making bad play making decisions moves in the end?

1. New England Patriots: This is definitely not a surprise at all, coming off winning the super bowl the Patriots are a team that always gets in the playoffs whether there close to the super bowl or there in the super bowl you better have a good game plan against the best QB-coach duo of all time.

That's the list football season is a month and a few weeks away, and there are more football related things to talk about as I go more into my previews of each division coming soon.


I actually think the Patriots are not going to do to good - 2storm