Why The Detroit Lions Deserve the #1 Pick In The 2016 Draft

htoutlaws2012 Oh where to begin, they can't play in hot weather against a somewhat elite QB In Rivers. They suck on the road they got close in 1 game but got screwed yeah go figure it's the lions. The Detroit Fans deserve better than Stafford and the only solution for all parties involved to be happy you need to ''TRADE HIM'' to a team with all that cap space cause if you don't trade him after this offseason, then you are in deep trouble in cap space. In other words they paid the most money on Stafford who's in his 7th year and regressing horribly. Calvin who's starting to show his aging might also need to be traded as well it's time to rebuild that offense. That offense is a absolute mess and it starts with that OL Stafford is at best an average QB and your giving him 2 seconds to throw the ball his the worst pressured QB in the league. Touch him once he throws to nobody.

Why is it this team gets the worst rep over the years. 50 YEARS and still no superbowl. If you want to have more success years trust me in saying this get rid of Mayhew and the entire crew (Caldwell,lombardi,Stafford,calvin). IT'S TIME TO REBUILD I'M TRIED OF SUFFERING TO BS AFTER BS AFTER BS. We need quality coaches, an offensive line, a winning QB, and no choking plays ford family do you get it or not if you don't give it up to someone else who might have the answers ugh. So hopefully by 2016 we end up drafting a QB 1st round, then draft all OL in 2nd to 4th round, then finally draft what fits them best, but for right now i'm one miserable bitter angry lion fan and I have suffered threw the years can it ever end.