Ht's NFL Power Rankings: Week XI

With Ten games officially over what teams made a dramatically change in over a week the strongest, and the hardest falls in the power rankings margin. The arrows even with the confusing layout indicates that yes the corresponding teams move up as seen, or move down, but in the opposite order due to the fact people read the top but never the bottom tier teams.

#32 Oakland Raiders -- (1-8): For the future, for the Raiders and Las Vegas!

#31 New York Jets ↓ 3 (3-7): They deserve to be as low as they are they have played terrible football the last three weeks. The offense has been terrible just Fire Todd Bowles already your season is over.

#30 Buffalo Bills ↑ 1 (3-7): Good news you had an offense for a game, bad news your draft stock just went down with a costly win.

#29 San Francisco 49ers -- (2-8): The offense tried what they could. but in the end your defense was so terrible you chose not to double up on Eli's favorite weapons in Odell Beckham Jr. thus why you lost, and they ended up winning.

#28 Arizona Cardinals ↑ 1 (2-7): Maybe a little too high, but they gave the Chiefs all they had only lost by two touchdowns, but that's really all I can give them. Should beat their next opponent at least I expect 3 at this point any more wins you hurt yourselves.

#27 New York Giants ↑ 4 (2-7): With a dominant performance by Odell Beckham Jr. The G-Man are out of the hunt for the #1 overall pick, but could secure at the very least a top 5 draft pick.

#26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ↓1 (3-6): So the Bucs came off the worst offensive performance of the season, the next few games Fitzmagic gonna love playing against the likes of the G-man and the niners.

#25 Detroit Lions ↓ 2 (3-6): Well they surpassed my expectations by at least having a running back with potential to be good, but that's it everything else felt like S.O.L written all over it the last three games have been bad and decided Detroit will be the bottom cellars of the NFC North.

#24 Jacksonville Jaguars ↓ 2 (3-6): And the winner for most disappointing team of the season...

#23 Cleveland Browns ↓ 3 (3-6-1): So wait you said the Browns won a game not with Hue, or Todd coordinating offense? Never would of fought that would happen. Maybe Baker is indeed the long term option.

#22 Miami Dolphins ↓ 3 (5-5): Yes a 5 win team is only 22 despite being better record wise the team is way too average to even rank any higher to be honest. The team struggles against the run, and will look to do that again with a Colts offense surprising people in the running game after coming out the bye.

#21 Denver Broncos -- (3-6): Denver's season is already grim looking, and coming off the bye how will they fair in the second half of football?

#20 Indianapolis Colts ↑ 4 (4-5): Hmm... Colts are still alive huh? Thanks to Eric Ebron the Colts are still in the hunt you eliminated the biggest threat of the division whose been a big letdown this season. Can they shock people and beat the Titans, and maybe we can start talking more about Indy in the mix.

#19 Atlanta Falcons ↓ 2 (4-5): Those types of losses hurt when your trying to rally back from being down from a terrible 1st half of football, and honestly these next two games decides to fate of Atlanta if they choose to fall just short.

#18 Baltimore Ravens -- (4-5): Coming off the bye their head need to be thinking better because the AFC North is looking like Pittsburgh's turf again, and Baltimore had fallen off the rocks losing to above .500 teams. Can they avoid the sweep from Cincy?

#17 Philadelphia Eagles ↓ 6 (4-5): Philly's season is on its way to missing the playoffs. What looked like a winnable game at home against rival Dallas they still managed to lose even with Golden Tate in.

#16 Dallas Cowboys ↑ 4 (4-5): With the season on the line Dallas just took a big massive save shocking Philly by beating them by a touchdown thanks to zeke elliott, and the defense stepping its game up.

#15 Cincinnati Bengals ↓ 1 (5-4): That was an ugly loss, and one more will put at even after having a wining record early on the season what a meltdown that would be if they fell to Baltimore than that defense needs to be reevaluated.

#14 Green Bay Packers ↑ 2 (4-4-1): Well they won, but the road doesn't get any better going to 12th man field infamous for the fail Mary controversy could it be the same fate again?

#13 Seattle Seahawks -- (4-5): Two tough close losses 1-5 in the clutch this season, but hey could their demons be finally snapped with a very strange Packers team on Thursday Night?

#12 Washington Redskins -- (6-3): Things were looking sketchy in D.C. than they handle their business and beat the Bucs as they got their wish with Dallas beat Philly pushing them back two from the leaders.

#11 Tennessee Titans ↑ 4 (5-4): Big victory to keep the hopes alive for the playoffs, a lot of risk taking this season some goo, and others bad. Here they played a solid game on both sides of the field were starting to figure out the weakness of the Patriots more and more. They better hope Titans don't make it in as they sneaky 6th seed push.

#10 Chicago Bears -- (6-3): They have the best chance in terms of the schedule to clinch the NFC North, but they have the Vikings twice, and the Rams left let's see how that plays out. One thing they have to do that may cost them games is Cody Parkey missing 4 points that could of made it at 40 then 34.

#9 Minnesota Vikings -- (5-3-1): They needed that rest they were hurt now its time for a big showdown against the emerging Bears at solider field.

#8 Houston Texans -- (6-3): Houston has a comfortable lead in the AFC South, Tennessee and Indy trying to catch up to them see how the Texans respond coming off the bye.

#7 Carolina Panthers ↓ 2 (6-3): An ugly and mostly horrible performance to Pittsburgh on prime time you get to take it out on a horrendous Lions team who just made Mitchell Trubkisy look like an elite quarterback throwing the football. Cam Newton I expect to show no mercy with river boat ron leading the way to ford field.

#6 Los Angeles Chargers -- (7-2): Amazing how their handling business without Joey Bosa for this long give some credit to Anthony Lynn for getting this team int he right direction from the start.

#5 New England Patriots ↓ 2 (7-3): One of the few times New England is not the Patriots way Mike Vrabel knows quite a bit from Belichick's playbook. If they have any chance to getting far in the post-season better hope the Titans aren't there to stop you on the way potentially in the wild card if it ended today. Time to rest up and hopefully get two of Brady's weapons back or they may battle it out in a re-match wit the same team that beat them almost too easy like.

#4 Pittsburgh Steelers ↑ 3 (6-2-1): James Connor has saved the season for the Steelers who were looking to be up and down from the first half. Okay yes let's not take away the credit of Big Ben throwing an almost perfect game on Carolina no less that's unreal. Jacksonville may not be as good as last year, but this will be their last pride left in them if they can shut down Big Ben one more time perhaps.

#3 Los Angeles Rams -- (9-1): What a way to respond after losing to the Saints still managed to sweep Seattle even in a comeback really should be able to be 6-0 in the division which leaves the other three to see what happens there especially the battle at mexico city there getting a great treat Monday night.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs -- (9-1): One of the few games Chiefs did not score 30 came up short luckily they still won, and now its on to an exciting battle at Mexico City.

#1 New Orleans Saints -- (8-1): Its time to give a nickname for this Saints the Four Horseman seriously they owned and annihilated the Bengals on every single play it seemed like. Drew Brees, the accurate gunslinger, Alvin Kamara the sensational elusive runner back, Mark Ingram, the punishing back, Michael Thomas, the Receptionist magnet. My point is who doesn't like what they see in potentially a super bowl contender in new Orleans.


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