PackFan’s NFL Power Rankings 2018: Week 8

Ah, smell that. A fresh batch of power rankings right out of the oven.

#1. Los Angeles Rams (7-0)
The Rams are currently borderline unstoppable, and the question is, who can beat them? They have little weaknesses, after all.

#2. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1)
The Bengals have been a good team this year, but the Chiefs manhandled them in primetime. Rebounding after a close loss to the Patriots, KC used Kareem Hunt to their advantage, and he caused chaos among Cincinnati’s defense. And KC’s defense has been noticeably improving in a way, holding the Bengals to only 10 points.

#3. New England Patriots (5-2) +1 ⬆️
If Kevin White had just gone one more yard, I’d be ranking them differently today. In a very close win over the Bears, the Pats once again showed special teams is their, well, specialty. If there’s anyone who is neck and neck with the Chiefs in the AFC right now, it’s the Patriots.

#4. New Orleans Saints (5-1) -1 ⬇️
The Ravens defense did hold their explosive offense to only 25 points, while their defense allowed 24. Not really the best game out of New Orleans, but a win is a win. Oh, and congratulations to Drew Brees for breaking another barrier, joining the 500 touchdowns club.

#5. Los Angeles Chargers (5-2) +2 ⬆️
Looks like the Rams have some competition in LA. The Chargers are sitting at 5-2 and ready for the playoffs. Even without Joey Bosa, they have exceeded expectations, especially on offense, with a lack of receivers.

#6. Minnesota Vikings (4-2-1)
Once again, Minnesota regains the lead in the ultra competitive NFC North. However, they’ve played mediocre teams the past few weeks, and they’re getting to a more difficult stretch in their schedule. They need to hang on to the division lead.

#7. Carolina Panthers (4-2) +1 ⬆️
Just when all hope seemed lost against Philadelphia, Cam Newton waved his wand and got the Panthers back into the game. They’ve looked more like an up and down team this year, as they recently lost to the Redskins, but I feel they’ll sneak into the playoffs at the rate they’re going.

#8. Chicago Bears (3-3) -3 ⬇️
Man, what a deflating loss. Now, they find themselves back on the bottom of the NFC North, but only by a game. If they can get their defense back into sync, they can succeed. Their offense can’t do everything, as shown against the Patriots.

#9. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) +4 ⬆️
If Justin Tucker hadn’t missed that extra point, they’d be up a bit further. Anyway, what a bad time to miss your first career extra point. Heartbreaking loss to Baltimore, especially considering the Bengals also lost their game.

#10. Cincinnati Bengals (4-3)
Don’t worry, Cincy fans. It’s not really embarrassing to be blown out by the Chiefs, because KC is the AFC’s top team. However, I do see a few areas that they can improve on. For now, they’re still tied with the Ravens in the AFC North.

#11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2-1)
They should be ready for the Browns after a week of rest. They desperately need to win in Week 8.

#12. Washington Redskins (4-2) +4 ⬆️
With their win over Dallas, Washington now reigns surpreme over the NFC East. I’ll bet people expected the Eagles and Giants to be clashing for the title at this time back in the offseason. Well, they must be as stunned as we all are.

#13. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) -4 ⬇️
I mean, what happened to them? Not just in letting the Panthers make a comeback, but in general, this isn’t the same team from a year ago. Offense is struggling to score, defense isn’t trying very hard, and their defensive backs have taken the biggest turn. They went from one of the best to one of the worst groups in 2018. The playoffs are looking farther away for them.

#14. Green Bay Packers (3-2-1)
They now have arguably the hardest stretch of games for any NFL team the next five weeks. The Rams will start Green Bay’s countrywide tour. Can they even produce anything against a team as unstoppable as Los Angeles?

#15. Houston Texans (4-3) +4 ⬆️
Things just keep getting better and better for them, as they have won their fourth straight game and currently sit at the top of the AFC South at 4-3. They need to keep the momentum going however, in order to succeed more.

#16. Miami Dolphins (4-3) -1 ⬇️
Honestly, it wasn’t a terrible loss to the Lions. Brock Osweiler looks solid, and maybe better than Ryan Tannehill. Of course, like I mentioned in last week’s rankings, Osweiler could turn out like Ryan Fitzpatrick. We just don’t know yet.

#17. Atlanta Falcons (3-4) +1 ⬆️
Maybe things will trend upwards for the dirty birds? Yeah, the win was against the awful Giants, but the Falcons themselves haven’t been so hot. They should take any win they get, no matter how good or bad the team they play is.

#18. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) -1 ⬇️
They should be nice and rested going into week 8. After all, it’s imperative they win their next few games.

#19. Detroit Lions (3-3) +4 ⬆️
Kerryon Johnson is officially their new super weapon to compliment Matthew Stafford and an above average trio of wide receivers. Johnson had over 150 yards from scrimmage on Sunday, keeping the Lions alive in the NFC.

#20. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) -8 ⬇️
Looking familiar, Jaguars fans? If you said no, then I don’t know what team you’re watching. These Jaguars are looking like their 2016 and before selves, where they were perineal losers and the laughingstock of the AFC, along with the Browns. They need a new quarterback. You know it’s bad when they bench Blake Bortles for Cody Kessler. It’s getting heated in Jacksonville.

#21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3)
Since the Browns did Browns things, the Bucs came away with a win on a long field goal in overtime. While this game helped them stay afloat in the NFC, it was against the Browns. I feel it is unlikely that they continue to win games.

#22. Dallas Cowboys (3-4) -2 ⬇️
The NFC East is still open despite losing to the Redskins. They also recently traded for wide receiver Amari Cooper, whom they think can be the next Dez Bryant. What Cooper brings to the Cowboys remains to be seen, but until then, the Cowboys offense will remain dormant.

#23. Denver Broncos (3-4) +3 ⬆️
With the blowout win they had, I would raise them higher, but it was against football’s worst team, so they only move up three spots, which is still good. Now, they are in the midst of the NFL trade frenzy.

#24. Cleveland Browns (2-4-1) -2 ⬇️
In their fifth overtime game of the season, they choked yet again. You heard me right. FIFTH overtime game of the season. Well, it’s better than where they were at this time last season.

#25. New York Jets (3-4) -1 ⬇️
No surprise losing to the Vikings, but they don’t look too bad right now.

#26. Tennessee Titans (3-4) -1 ⬇️
I can’t stand to watch this Titans team. They looked promising early on, but boy, that has changed a whole lot. They are apart of the worst division in football once again.

#27. Indianapolis Colts (2-5) +1 ⬆️
While their season hasn’t gone as planned, Andrew Luck is back, and he’s been a breath of fresh air so far for them. I think he may be on the road for Comeback Player of the year.

#28. San Francisco 49ers (1-6) -1 ⬇️
Any flashes they showed against the Packers in week 6 disappeared against the Rams. Wait, against the Rams. Never mind, it makes sense they lost, no matter how bad they are.

#29. Buffalo Bills (2-5)
Dang, they could only muster 5 points against a team as bad as the Colts. To be fair, Derek Anderson was their quarterback, but he’s been a decent backup for a few years, so maybe his bad game was because of the lack of talent around him. They really need Josh Allen back.

#30. New York Giants (1-6)
What bonehead would have their quarterback try two quarterback sneaks in the red zone with less than a minute left to play? Eli Manning isn’t capable of that anymore. By the time they actually managed to score, it was too late for an onside kick. The final minute of their game on Monday Night Football showcased how bad this team is.

#31. Oakland Raiders (1-5) +1 ⬆️
With Amari Cooper gone, they now have three first round picks for 2019. What will they do with all of them? Hopefully they’ll use one of those picks for a receiver.

#32. Arizona Cardinals (1-6) -1 ⬇️
Come on, give Larry Fitzgerald some respect. He doesn’t deserve this. He should be out of Arizona. Heck, even Patrick Peterson wants out. That’s how terrible this team is right now.


I think Atlanta could be lower because they are pretty banged up but other than that I agree. - Randomator