Facts About Fanbases: Philadelphia Eagles

PackFan2005 Hello, I am venturing into the muck and garbage of NFL fanbases. The fans that are rude, sour, and annoying. The ones that can’t respect others, and the ones that don’t acknowledge better players outside their team. These are NFL fanbases...

Today’s Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Remember Eagles fans before the Super Bowl. They were somewhat chilled out, with a firery spirit. They weren’t always rude and disrespectful to other fans within their division. Of course, that all came to an end midway into the 2017 NFL season. Let’s discuss the Philadelphia Eagles current fanbase.

Arrogance Origins

For future reference, I’m not implying that all fans of a certain team are awful. I’m just discussing the bad apples of a certain team. Anyway, let’s get into it. Around midway through 2017, Eagles fans became arrogant and cocky. They claimed, “Carson Wentz for MVP yo!” and “guess who’s winning the Super Bowl this year? Us!” While they were correct on one thing, the Carson Wentz thing didn’t come true. I’m sure the football gods got tired of the gloating of Eagles fans, so they decided to strike Carson Wentz down with a torn ACL in Week 14 of 2017. Eagles fans suddenly went insane, but, I believe any fanbase would’ve done that if their starting quarterback suffered a season ending injury (Green Bay and Houston to name two). After sub-par games from Nick Foles to end the season 13-3, the fans were like, “we’re gonna lose right away, because Nick Foles sucks!” Of course, when he won that game against Atlanta and the championship against Minnesota, they realized, “maybe he can win it all for us.” But at the same time, you had half the Eagles fans in a stadium wearing dog masks screaming, “underdogs! Foles is the GOAT!! Tom Brady sucks!!!” Yup, those were Eagles fans in Super Bowl LII, in which they won. That’s where things went awry.

Getting to Know the Current Fans

Right after Super Bowl LII, the streets in Philadelphia were crowded to the brim with excited (and maybe a bit drunk) Eagles fans. They chanted things like, “Nick Foles is the greatest of all time!” and “suck it Tom Brady!” For months, a lot of Eagles fans terrorized anyone that said something in vain about the Eagles. Nowadays, they’ve gotten worse, claiming they’ll win the Super Bowl for the next decade.

Evidence of Arrogance

I recently read an article on SB Nation (only God knows why I was on there), and the title was, “nfl.com doesn’t have much respect for the Super Bowl champion Eagles.” Incorrect capitalization to be a grammar nazi. Anyway, they went on to bombard David Carr’s top ten current quarterbacks lists, complaining Carson Wentz wasn’t on it, yet Derek Carr was in the top five. While I think David Carr’s rankings are ludicrous as well, you shouldn’t waste your time complaining that your quarterback isn’t on that list. Here’s what I have to say to them. “Boo hoo for you.” But it gets worse. Later in the article, they slam NFL.com’s head coach rankings, complaining Doug Pederson is only at #8. What??? Who does that? He’s in the top ten, and that’s quite an achievement for a head coach who’s only been with the Eagles for two years. They go further than complaining about Pederson’s ranking. They look at the seven coaches above him and list a reason why Doug Pederson is better than all of them. What I’m about to show you are the actual reasons they had on why Doug Pederson was better than all of them.

#1. Bill Belichick (got outcoached by Pederson in the Super Bowl.

#2. Sean Payton (lost to Pederson in golf)

#3. Pete Carroll (has a Super Bowl and is 2-0 against Pederson)

#4. Mike Tomlin (lost to Pederson 34-3 in 2016)

#5. John Harbaugh (1-0 against Pederson)

#6. Mike McCarthy (lol)

#7. Andy Reid (huh?)

I kid you not, those are their exact words on why they don’t agree with the seven coaches above Pederson. They said Belichick got out coached by Pederson in the Super Bowl. But they’re really taking a jab at him, a man who’s been to 8 Super Bowls as a head coach, and even more as an assistant coach. Their reason for Sean Payton was that he lost to Pederson in golf? What?? What does that have to do with who’s the better coach? Are they sane? At least they admitted Pete Carroll has never lost to Pederson, but they’re referencing a 2016 game against Mike Tomlin as their reason he shouldn’t be above Pederson. Tomlin has amassed win after win with stars and has been to 3 Super Bowls, next. They said John Harbaugh is 1-0 against Pederson, so at least they admitted that. As for Mike McCarthy, they put, “lol.” That’s not a reason Pederson’s better than him, and for Andy Reid, they wrote a simple, “huh?” Reid is more seasoned than Pederson, that’s the reason he’s ahead. Man, that article was stupid.


Look, I’m not saying all Eagles fans are rude and obnoxious. I’m friends with Eagles fans, and they’re not annoying. A lot of fans are ashamed of their fanbase nowadays, and I would be too. So, that’s my analysis on the Eagles fanbase. Tune in next time for the Oakland Raiders fanbase. Yikes.


Great post man I’m looking forward to the rest of this series! Just some suggestions For Andy Reid you could have also mentioned that when he was their coach they basically wanted him fired after every loss which he was not good in the playoffs but he’s still a respectable coach. Also you could have mentioned the fanbase booing Santa incident. - Randomator