Facts About Fanbases: Oakland Raiders

PackFan2005 Hello again, and one step at a time, I’m going into the horrors of NFL fanbases. The annoying, the rude, and the arrogant all stand in front of me. It is here we make our second stop. These are NFL fanbases...

Today’s Team: Oakland Raiders

“You may beat us in the game, but we beat you in the parking lot.”
Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the Oakland Raiders fanbase. Are some of you wondering what that quote up there means? Well, read further, and I’ll explain.

Arrogance Origins

Unlike the Eagles fanbase, Raiders fans have been terrorizing opposing fans for years. Just look back into the 1980’s, where their reign of terror began. If their team lost a game, they wouldn’t suck it up and go home. Instead, some would surround fans of the team they lost to in the parking lot, hence the quote above. I would think it would be quite difficult to escape Raiders fans. Especially when they’re agitated. To this day, they’ve gotten worse. Screaming, shouting, and maybe even a punch or two. I’m not saying other fanbases don’t do this kind of thing, but it seems like it’s most common among the Oakland Raiders fanbase.

Getting to Know the Current Fans

If Raiders fans weren’t scary enough, consider that they’re extremely Super Bowl deprived. In fact, the last one they went to back in 2002, ended in them getting routed by their former head coach Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yet, apparently the grudge they held against Gruden magically disappeared when the Raiders were interested in him after the 2017 season. Suddenly, they wanted Jack Del Rio gone, and they rushed him out for their former coach. It seems to me that they think their players are better than a lot of elites around the league. A lot of them think Derek Carr is a top ten or five quarterback, and Amari Cooper is a top five wide receiver. It makes me wonder if they acknowledge better players outside of their own team.

Evidence of Arrogance

Want evidence? Go to a Raiders game and see for yourself. I have a few suggestions if you do go. Don’t make eye contact with a Raiders fan, and move away from nearby fans if your team scores a touchdown, unless you want them to yell at you for it. I’m sure if you looked on YouTube, you could find endless videos of Oakland Raiders fans, so, maybe that’s the safer option.


So, we’ve looked at the rough history of Oakland Raiders fans, but not all are rough and tough. I have a few relatives who are Raiders fans, and they’re not like the hardcore Raiders fans. There are kind Raiders fans, much like every team. Not all fans of a certain team are bad, but there’s always the bad fans of a certain team. So that’s my analysis of the Oakland Raiders fanbase. Tune in next time as we discover the fans of the Cleveland Browns. Wait, do they even have fans?


Good post. And yeah this is true especially if it’s a rival team like the Kansas City Chiefs. Then this is taken up a notch.
(although to them everyone is a rival) but yeah I know a few raiders fans who are normal fans - Randomator