Predictions on the 2018 NFL Playoffs (Collaboration with randomator)

htoutlaws2012 Hey I get bragging rights because I predicted the Falcons and Patriots would face one another, but with more diversity added this year let's see whose more accurate between the two of us.


Wild Card

Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs: This would have to be Andy Reid's last shot at going far with a great team like this. Sure the offensive pieces are in play and all, but Alex Smith's future are on his shoulders time to prove why you have the best passer rating this season. Meanwhile I also look at the Titans who managed to get a must win game over Jacksonville sweeping them this season. This can go either way honestly since Titans do have a sub par defense, and yet Chiefs do have a top 10 offense. When comes down to it... I go with Chiefs 30-13

Atlanta Falcons Vs Los Angeles Rams: The Falcons may not look they deserve to be a 6 seed, but they got just enough wins with a ton luck. I feel like they have played a lot better in the second half of football, but there against a Rams that had looked hot in weeks 15 and 16. It's easy to look at Atlanta and dismiss them automatically for how inconsistent the offense is. I might regret this yet I'll take the Rams because I believe in Wade Phillips 35-32

Buffalo Bills Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: First off I'm glad to see Buffalo for the 1st time in the playoffs in the 21st century. Problem is they lost shady McCoy their entire offense now who steps up? Jacksonville has looked bad the last two weeks. Usually it's never good to go into the playoffs and be on a losing streak. In this though Jaguars are not like the Lions and they'll take advantage of McCoy's absence 17-10

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: Oh man this is indeed how to end the wild card week, both these teams are dangerous in the long run. This will be a fight to end where New Orleans prevails as the biggest kryptonite for Cam Newton


New Orleans Saints Vs Philadelphia Eagles: I feel like Eagles would be the favorites if Carson Wentz was in, but his not. Things got ugly for philly when Nick Foles kept turning the ball over that shows panic like it or not. Saints will comfortably waltz to the championship 20-6

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots: This is probably gonna be my boldest move of all, but don't discredit Kansas city just yet. Yes they took a massive hit and all, but in an upset I like Andy Reid's Chiefs to go in and shock the world again 42-39

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Last time these teams played Big ben got outblitzed and outplayed to the point they changed there mood from there on out second time around big ben finds a way just beat the Jagaurs. Jacksonville has been a pleasant surprise and all, but I just can't get into the Blake Bortles factor. Give me the terrible towel 13-7

Los Angeles Rams Vs Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota dominated the Rams, and yet they have come alive since the momentum loss. Rams are relatively young and inexperienced this may play a factor i'll take those Vikes 27-21


Kansas City Chiefs Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: I say there is no turning back at this point, and both of these two have accomplished all they could, Pittsburgh is gonna be too much for the Chiefs's defense 42-21

New Orleans Saints Vs Minnesota Vikings: Well a rematch from 8 years ago back when Brett Favre was in his end career this time around is a new face in Case Keenum, and he'll find a way to win 17-13

Super Bowl LII:Here we are the stage is set with of the best in their respective conference. Minnesota the historic first team to host a super bowl with a huge home crowd at their taking on a team that usually gets the job done in the Steelers who have won more super bowls then any other team. It should tough, and close I expect it to good, and at the same time Antonio Brown would be back by this point, which means if there is indeed a comeback you bet number 84 is looking to make some history as the biggest X factor of the game 31-27 as big ben ends his journey with 3 super bowls.


Wild Card

Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs: I’m picking Kansas City to win this one because Tennessee has looked very inconsistent. And on top of that they don’t have any experience unlike the Chiefs. I don’t think that defense can handle the offensive weapons of KC.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Los Angeles Rams: This game should be an offensive showdown but I predict that the Rams will win because Atlanta won’t have anything to stop Todd Gurley. Rams could have some trouble against Atlanta but I’m picking LA

Buffalo Bills Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: In this matchup between two newcomers I have to go with Jacksonville. They have talent on both sides and have played overall more consistent than Buffalo. I think the Jags could handle the Bills on defense and they do have some offensive weapons.

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: In this NFC south showdown I’m taking New Orleans because they have more leadership in Drew Brees. While yes Carolina went to the Super Bowl a few years ago Cam Newton is still young talent. I think Brees will win this one.


New Orleans Saints Vs Philadelphia Eagles: If the Eagles had wentz I would pick them but I have to pick NO because of how the Eagles have struggled. NO should be able to win the battle on both sides of the ball.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots: New England wins this matchup at home against a team who has been inconsistent in playoff experience. The offense takes down the Chiefs defense. It should be an offensive battle to the end but the Pats win.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: While i'm tempted to go for the underdog Jags who did make big ben look rusty, i'll still take Pittsburgh trusting everything on the line, and the stacked team they have in place.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Minnesota Vikings: I’m picking the Vikings here because they are at home and they have more depth than the Rams. The defense will stop Gurely and pressure Goff.


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New England Patriots: In this rematch of two powerhouses I predict the Steelers find a way to get revenge. They should have won the first game but they didn’t because the NFL doesn’t know what a catch is. It was technically the right call but it’s a terrible rule. They also will get revenge for James Harrison signing with the Pats. I think the Steelers win this one

New Orleans Saints Vs Minnesota Vikings: I’m picking the Vikings here because they have talent on both sides of the ball. I think there depts beats the leadership of Brees. The Saints will likely struggle against their defense.

Super Bowl LII:I’m going on a limb and saying that the Vikings will play at home in the Super Bowl. I think this matchup would be very interesting on the offensive side. I would pick the Steelers because they could pick apart the defense with their B trio on offense but the defense took a major blow when they released James Harrison. So the Vikings could tear the defense apart too. I think the Vikings having home field will give them a slight edge over the Steelers.

There you have it we both see the #2 seeds going at it in the end, let's see how perfect we are until proven defeated.


Vikings all the way - 2storm