Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Wild Card

htoutlaws2012 Before I go over the games let's point out what also happened that ''is on the horizon." The Raiders give Jon Gruden a Jim Harbaugh like contract set for 10 years and 100 million are you out of your mind? I fought taking JaMarcus Russell #1 overall was the biggest gamble this is up there. Marvin Lewis is not going anywhere just yet. 2 more years... NO! NO! NO! For the love of god no this indicates Cincinnati does not care about there fans whom I feel sorry for, and also Cleveland doesn't even fire a head coach who went 0-16 that's just dumbfounded and stubborn stupidity. Alright that's done now on with the intriguing wild card weekend.

Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs: I was one of the few that thought the Chiefs would finally overcome the home playoff curse, but man what is up with Andy Reid? You lead the Titans 21-3, and in that process lose a big piece of you're offense in Travis Kelce. I figured they'll find a way to hang on right... well Titans made a unexpected comeback and adjusted perfectly throwing off the Chiefs gameplan as Derrick Henry ripped out all the hearts at Arrowhead as Chiefs tackling was insufficient. Oh that's the only thing to this epic collapse you should also point to the atrocity that is the officiating crew, most notably Jeff Triplette who is most known for always blown calls against Detroit. Good game that will be turnished by one if the worst officated football ever in the postseason.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Los Angeles Rams: I can't say I'm not shocked, but hey Atlanta was able to pressure Jared Goff all four quarters, and now sit comfortably easy path next week against the leaderless Eagles.

Buffalo Bills Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Probably the sole game of the bunch that was the least exciting. Granted both did great defensively and all, Bortles sure as hell don't look like a winner in this matchup, missing a lot of easy short passes that could of been to the house, or even intercepted. In the back of my mind I knew Jacksonville had the better rounded defense from on out you must commit to heavy running, and avoid passing since this has lost that mojo of doing so.

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: By far the best game of the the werk both played to the very end offensively back and forth. One interesting take is thaf Saints without even needing the two running backs Drew Brees just ate up Carolina's passing defense. It endsd with a very premadana like injury when Cam Newton step for a drive that setup Drew Brees to put the pressure and Cam that cost them the game.


People were just mad the Titans won their first football game in like a billion years - 2storm