Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Divisional Round

htoutlaws2012 With the super bowl coming near these four have a chance to not only go to the super bowl and win, but win a championship. While the other losers may need to find a new resourceful life next year.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Philadelphia Eagles: I was very stunned that Philly actually won with their backup Nick Foles who mind you scored no points against Dallas who was close to making the playoffs. While Atlanta was clearly not as good as they were last year Matt Ryan really took a big regression from the MVP like season he had last year. I felt like Julio had a slightly disappointing year as well why is he not more targeted in the end zone I blame that on the offensive coordinator that's Matt Ryan's go to guy since 2011. You mean to tell me you can give him only 3 times that's like ignoring Calvin Johnson, and not feeding him the endzone that's not how you go far into the playoffs. If anything they should of just gave the ball to Tevin Coleman who was looking great against that Philly Rushing defense that would been the game probably. Maybe Georgia losing the Championship game to Alabama was a sign of things to come. Knowing the playoff experience Atlanta had this was very surprising that the #1 underdog managed to hang on. Will they have any miracle left in them to spoil the party to if lucky the super bowl.

Tennessee Titans Vs New England Patriots: A team that ran out of luck with the glass breaking was the Titans. Not only lost the luck, but got dominated in the process as a statement to any false speculations on what was up. Seriously this is exactly what I thought the Patriots would look like with Chiefs out, and now beaten what looks to be the comforting team to go against, and just eat em up badly. Derrick Henry was shut down, and it was all out Mariota to make the big plays for the most part which were taken away thanks to Matt Patrica's defense who may'be a future Lions head coach after all said and done.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: This was one heck of a shoot out I didn't expect especially from the Jaguars finding away to come away with 40+ points of the Steelers. Leonard Fournette is beyond a rookie at this point, and the Steelers felt it as well giving up 3 big touchdowns to him alone cost them the game. Bortles might not be Jacksonville long term guy, but he made just enough plays to stun Pittsburgh. If Brady is indeed got a bad right hand could you imagine seeing Jacksonville in the super bowl unthinkable.

New Orleans Saints Vs Minnesota Vikings: Finally we get to the thrilling finish that will be remembered forever as the play that may haunt the Saints for years as New Orleans were nearly on their way to potential face the Eagles. Case Keenum was able to throw a pass to Diggs where the defender Marcus Williams thought to push him out of bounds, but missed the tackle badly as he took it to the house. That's a touch pill to swallow for the people of New Orleans to relive that over and over, and maybe not even get back anytime soon reminds to be seen with a late 30's QB whose hitting the hall of fame for sure.