Ht's Analysis: NFL 2019 Wild Card

htoutlaws2012 Unlike last season where there was buzz immediately what happened with teams who were out of the playoffs the only interesting discussion is Steelers mishandling of Antonio Brown who now wants to be traded meaning virtually yes Pittsburgh Steelers could have a horrific off-season it looks like if the possibility of Big Ben also retiring might be possible as well don't rule that out. Six vacant head coaching jobs none of them have been filled yet so can't say who exactly, but the closest source might be the Bucs almost a done deal to get Bruce Arians that's a very solid choice to go with, and like the idea, and he'll have big shoes to fill knowing the NFC South is no push over. Alright that's the most notable off-season moves to this point now on to the real football the wild card round 12 teams, but only four of them the journey was over let's take a look back at a very exciting way to start the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans: We go to ESPN broadcast for the first of four games the fight night 3 is on this rivalry is normally close, but to be honest it was all Indy in this one controlled the ball perfectly, and when Texans did try to get positive gain they ended up going in favor of penalties that demoralizes a team dramatically. Houston had no effort on offense shut out at halftime Colts were halfway there wrapping it up it seemed like, but for Bill O' Brien he needed to change up the offense so Watson started using his legs more, and Keke Coutee started to get his game up with a very disappointing DeAndre Hopkins not showing up in this game. They did get a touchdown late, but realistically it was way too over what stood out for this loss for this Texans team is bad protection, and and the secondary more specially at the corner potion gave up big plays an d that's what led to their loss, and also the bad mental penalty errors all season long as well. Meanwhile Indy goes on to what looks like a dream match with Chiefs and Andy Reid await them and Luck is no stranger to this type of team he must outgun next week, and his got a solid cast to do it with T.Y. Hilton, Marlon Mack is firing up more and more now. I hate to say it Eric Ebron is an endzone threat as well, and even Dontrelle Inman an average receiver at best can be a serviceable weapon. Can't wait to see this one when we get to it.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Dallas Cowboys: The next contest we go to the Fox broadcast for some Joe Buck, and Troy Aikman style in Dallas where Cowboys have returned to the post season the last last time they were here they fell to the Packers is it possible they fall to the Seahawks as well? I fought it was, but let's see what did end up happen. It was a tough defensive game at first, but I can't skip the fact of Allen Hurns is injury was horrifying to watch where that leg twists to oh my that looked career ending if I'd ever seen it. 6-10 at the half Dallas has the slight edge Pete Carroll is no stranger to halftime adjustment while they do better in creating a more effective passing game Tyler Lockett came alive at the end, but to no avil as Seattle came up short thanks to a unispring punt of defeat. Dallas had one thing in mind make Seahawks one dimensional they did well in not having the big run plays go anywhere for the 1st ranked team in rushing that's very impressive, and you know what's next Zeke Elliott, Amari Cooper, and yes Dak all got hot at the right time along with one of the better protections all season long as Dak Prescott got his first playoff victory something Matthew Stafford has yet to do... my head explodes everytime I think about it as well moving on.

Los Angles Chargers Vs Baltimore Ravens: Here's what I fought looked like the best of the games we would see back to the AFC with the CBS broadcast of Jim Nantz, and Tony Romo calling the game. The first half was all Chargers wanna know why they shut down the running game, and the passing game -2 I wanna say I mean wow you would think its time to put in Joe Flacco right let's back up before we get to that. The first few Baltimore drives were bad, two of the three fumbles were on Lamar Jackson, and the other was on Kenneth Dixon the runner these lead to field goals and the game at the half is 12-0 yes Ravens got nothing going so John Harbaugh needed to make halftime adjustments I actually agree with the crowd for the booing they did when Harbaugh didn't put in Joe Flacco I would of took that chance knowing Joe Cool has only lost one playoff game like Nick Foles right? Instead he died by the sword in a comeback rally that ends in you guessed it a Lamar Jackson fumble as the Chargers move on to New England. Makes me wonder is it possible to trade a head coach, and if so there's plenty of offer being heard in the NFL for John right now. Meanwhile give credit to Anthony Lynn his team stayed to their guns, and while they gave up two touchdowns to Michael Crabtree they stilled played hard for the most part, but than again if Flacco was in there would of been a possibility they could have been beaten. Of the four games however I fought the worst officiated game was in Baltimore there were plenty of touchdowns that were called back to due monster mistakes or they were just absurd calls.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Chicago Bears: Our last game turns to NBC with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth right afterwards the defending champs head to solider field to take on Da Bears these two have had a history such as the infamous Fog Bowl long ago. Both defenses came prepared for this one, Nick Foles despite ugly first half was ready for this near the end he hits a 4th down to guess who the guy they traded for mid-season former Lion, and Seahawk Golden Tate with the daggering touchdown. Mitchell Trubisky was ready for this moment. Both team no running game, but their passing games were slight huge helpings. Allen Robinson could not be stopped matched up to Avonte Maddox who was ate up all day you would think go with that, but no that sounds insane let's have faith in Cody Parkey who I knew coming into this game has missed badly in some games like the game against Detroit he does the same thing here kick to the left clang Bears are eliminated wow Philly Magic do you believe in it as now they travel against the team that blew them out earlier in the season in the New Orleans Saints how much more will that magic continue on in the playoffs as that loss was an unreal feeling for Chicago. Coming into the game though you had no Trey Burton (the former Eagle), and Eddie Jackson whose been an excellent secondary defensive player this season so those two things hurt in this game so you could say that as well.

Whoa that was incredible way to get the fans excited for what was one of the better season in the decade to watch aside from the Colts-Texans game every other game felt like high drama filled, and it was awesome hopefully we see the next four games exactly like this when the playoffs roll on!


Very interesting games. Aside from Indy/ Houston This is probably the most balanced postseason we’ve had in a while. Any team has an argument to win the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately I was 1-3 with my predictions but I’m excited to see how the rest of the playoff plays out - Randomator

1-3 also - PackFan2005

I remember watching the end of the Bears-Eagles game, and when they were about to kick, I was thinking, “if there’s any kicker to screw this up, it is Cody Parkey.” I was correct, and I couldn’t help busting out in laughter when it did the double doink. Nick Foles is Philly’s good luck charm. Watch out, Saints. - PackFan2005

I was literally 0-4 in my predictions. - 2storm