Top Ten NFL Teams Ever

Has to be and is the 1970's Steelers. 10 HOF'ers including Noll. No team even close. The forced the NFL to change rule on pass coverage, known as Blount Rule. From 1974 to 1980 the best team in the NFL period. No other team can claim that. 1972 Fins, remember played the weakest schedule in the NFL. I think anyone who saw the '72 AFC Champ game would agree the Steelers should have won that game. Miami wasn't even favored in the SB VIII against the Skins. 85 bears, a one hit wonder. Steelers did it for a decade !! They also built it thru the draft !! 90's cowgirls, should be called Minnesota Cowgirls... 5 #1 picks for an overrated bum rb walker !! The GM bonehead move of the 20th century, close to the bosox selling ruth ! Without those #1 picks, dallas could have never built that team. Let's face it, the steelers let SB XXX, slip thru their fingers, thanx Neil !! The steelers had those cowgirl hogs, sucking wind in the 2nd qtr. Americas team my A**. 4 SB trophies in 6 yrs, 6 AFC Champ games in 8 yrs. Steelers simply the Best Ever !