1979 Pittsburgh Steelers


Steelers are voted by me for decent reasons. First of all the team is Pittsburg Steelers. And I live in New Cumberland. The Steelers and Eagles are the only 2 Pennsylvania teams. 2nd has it that Antonio Brown is a pro wide reciever only a little better than Odell Beckham Jr. 3rd is that the Steelers is my favorite team because the logo is cool. The Steelers have also one the most superbowls but not regular games coming 6th best team in the 2016 season. Which makes the Steelers my vote.

Best dynasty and arguable the best franchise in the NFL, the model of consistency for decades and decades. There best years were mid-late 70's, and were nearly unstoppable, and a true fear to play against. No high powered offense of today (New England, Green Bay, New Orleans) could survive this incredible defense. What a team, what a sports city.

I may be a 9 year old. BUT HELL DO I KNOW A LOT ABOUT FOOTBAL. You can't just say the Steelers lost they're streak in January with a loss to the Dolphins just because they suck. Without Bell the Steelers would probably not even be a team. A 47-44 game? And a DIVISION game? And they just lost? Like in 2010 when they lost that superbowl. I was only 1 at the moment but I watched the Steelers in pain as they lost to those idiots. But not do I still appreciate those smooth throws and catches all the way scoring into a touchdown just like THAT? If you hate the Steelers, you should know something, *Whispers* You know nothing.

The Steelers in the 70's were a true nightmare for any NFL team, they were like walking into hell itself. If you tried to pass the ball you would get sacked. If you were lucky enough to get the ball off then it was picked or swatted. If you tried to run then let god have mercy on your soul cause you were about to get crushed. The Offense was great to. I mean come on Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris, and don't forget Lynn Swann. This team may be one of the best teams that will ever exist. Along with the Bears(WALTER "SWEETNESS" PAYTON) and the 49ers(JOE Montana^^JERRY RICE).

The key for the Steelers has been there consistently proficient 3-4 defense and that they build there game around a great strategy rather than superstar players, so that when they cycle through, they don't go to crap like the dolphins did when they lost Marino.

The Best team in the NFL's history. This year was when players like Bradshaw, Harris, Blount, Swann, Stallworth, Webster, Greene, Greenwood, White, Lambert, Ham, etc. were at their best. They had the experience of winning a few Lombardi's and they had the skill level that is unparalleled. The competition level was also at its highest, with the Cowboys and Raiders in the same boat and great teams like San Fran and Chicago on the rise. Once the Steelers and Cowboys fell to the middle of the pack in the 80's the competition was lower. Teams like the Bears went 15-1. The '85 Bears, though one of the greatest ever, would lose to the '79 Steelers or the '77 Cowboys. The teams were better and they lasted longer. More rings and more Hall Of Famers. The best team ever.

The Black and Gold were certainly dominating in the 1970s, but they are going to do something this year. Regardless of one likes the Steelers or not, if one is a true sportsperson, he/she must admit that the Steel curtain was amazing and the steelers have one of the best franchise teams ever. Yes, I am a true Steelers fan, and as I like to say: "The Black and Gold will certainly be on a roll! "

You would only understand if you watched the 79 steelers, 07 patriots and 85 bears! The steelers but the fear of death into you! Just ask Al Davis (can't know) but he tried to sue them because the played to quick, hard and tuff!

A pretty obvious choice! In the late '70s, the NFL had bad teams, good teams, and the Steelers. Domination as never before seen. Not a one season fluke, either. Steel Curtain defense and Hall of Fame offense.

This was undoubtedly the best offense and combination of defense in all of eternity. This teams was a powerful competitor. After winning 3 superbowls before this year, this team went from great to legendary conquering allteams that stood in their past. All these teams deserve respect but by far the 1979 steelers are the best of the ten.

I just want to know why the bears are ahead of the steelers because the 70's steelers were the best ever! GO STEELERS! oh bengals arnt even on here im starting to like this list more - randy

Steelers will always be the best I love them 4 super bowls in one decade a defensive unit comparable only to the 1985 bears on top of all that they sent 14 nfl players to the nfl pro bowl

Ok maybe this team wasn't the the number 1, but number FIVE? I mean come on. This team was absolutely ridiculous. In the front 7 alone, there are 3 hall of famers. (Lambert, ham, Greene, greenwood.) not to mention hall of fame db Mel Blount, and strong safety Donnie shell. A stellar lineup like that is without question the best defense of all time. Saying all of this WITHOUT including Mike Webster arguably the best o-line man ever (without question best center), terry Bradshaw, Lynn swann, and another one of the all time greats at his position, Franco Harris. This team was just practically unstoppable especially their defense with an average of 3.1 points scored against per game, and 4 Super Bowl victories. If that doesn't tell you enough about why this should be better than number 5, I don't know what will.

Best NFL team ever! Have the most super bowl wins, and the best quarterback in history besides Joe Montana. They should be at the top of this list. This is Steeler's Nation!

To quote NFL films when talking about the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers, "There is one league for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and another for the rest who play pro football"

I'm a steelers fan by heart my dad has told me stories about this team most superbowl wins in the nfl can't get any better than that guys GO STEELERS

Steelers are the best of all time, the defense was the steel curtain. The offense the best balance of running and passing ever put to gather.

4 rings in 6 years, 9 hall of famers, 14 pro bowlers... Hands down... And with NO CHEATING... Get this Pats

In the best decade of football we ever saw (dolphins, raiders, colts, broncos, oilers, rams, vikings, cowboys, and redskins) they won four super bowls; enough said!

The 72 Dolphins barely beat the Steelers that year in the playoffs. Now add Swann, Lambert, etc from the 74 draft no contest

THE best team ever! Especially Hines Ward. How can any team be ahead? Sure the packers won them but that last pass was totally a pass interference.

The best ever! Unstoppable with 2 hall of fame receivers a hall of fame wide receiver and running back and best defense of all time

This was there 4th Superbowl of the decade, they had 14 Hall of Famers on this team, they dominated both offensively and defensively... This team had no weakness and played in a decade that had many great football teams the 1970's... Cowboys, Dolphins, Vikings, Rams Raiders, AWEsome Team

This team was the Dream Team of football. They had the Steel Curtain, great running backs, and acrobatic wide receivers. - Bronson

With the number of Hall of Famers on this team how can any one be better. 79 Steelers the best ever!