1985 Chicago Bears


Football is a war game, a chess match. If you have more firepower than your opponent at the point of attack than you are going to win a great deal of those battles. I could write a thesis of why the 46 defense was so successful this year, but it would just amplify the changes that are constantly happening in football. What it all boils down to is the 46 defense had holes, that would later be exposed and led to the death of this innovative defense. But for that year, or any year for that matter, I have never seen anything that devastated opponents like that defense. It was truly awesome. For me, this is the greatest team ever. There has never been a team in my time that knew it was going to win the Super Bowl 2 months before it was played, just this team. You simply couldn't block all the pass rushers/run blitzers on any particular play. That led to the Bears having an overwhelming advantage in field position. And your offense is just going to score some points when you are constantly ...more - Ned964

Honestly, the dolphins were incredible. They were, there is no denying it. But this team here, the 1985 Bears, is the only team I would ever want to be a part of. Not only the come back from being crap, not only the heartbreaking story of the team bonding together and Buddy leaving but also just the pure, raw power they produced as a team is beyond understanding. I still watch back those games and reread those articles, every time I see more and more how amazing of a team this is.

I will be honest, I am not a man of religion. BUT if I were ever to believe in a god it would be because of this story. I really hope others feel the same, this team deserves 1st place on this list and any other list when it comes to being the best. The chances of a team like this happening again will most likely never happen, this team is just beyond anyone's reach.

The game scores in the '85 playoffs tell the story; 21-0 over the Giants, 24-0 over the Rams and the 46-10 destroying of the Patriots in the Super Bowl. And that was after outscoring their opponents an unbelievable 456 to 198 in the regular season.

The reason the bears are #1 and not miami are:
that there have been other teamsthat have gone undefeated in the regular season just not on a 16 game schedule.
Miami had a softer schedule than the bears did comparativly
the bears owned the playoffs in a ways never before seen or again to be seen
The bears had more media attention: fridge sweetness mcmahon. i dare you without looking up names to name 5-7 players fromt he miami dolphins of that year

easily the best. i dont care about undefeated bullcrap. they had the best in the league at every position on the field. it was the only year the Bears had more than just a defense. they actually had a quarterback that could throw the ball (unlike GROSSMAN or GRIESE) and recievers that could catch. amazing o-line and of course the best complete football player of all time...sweetness. they were untouchable. - orangeturtle

Just as the Giants did in Super Bowl 42 with a quarter of the defense that the Bears had in 85 and the Pats had all sorts of problems with the Giants defense. One can only say that if the Pats had this much trouble they will get mauled by the Bears 46 Defense. The final score back then was 46-10 Bears and I don't see it changing after watching the Giants beat up the Pats. 85 Bears 46- 07 Pats 10 final.

Everybody knows the 1985 Bears were the best. There is a video of the Giants coach saying, "what are they the 1985 Bears over there? " When other teams coaches say things like that, you really can't deny it. You don't hear the Dolphins being used in coaching conversations. But just for arguments sake, go add up the stats, and actually do the math. No one dominated like that team. No one.

There was a three week period in November of 85 when the Bear defense scored more points than it allowed. Had they chosen to keep pouring it on in the super bowl, I'm 100% certain that they could have won by a score of approximately 56-3; the lucky 3 points to start the game was due to a turn over deep in their territory; the Pats only touchdown happened they put their 3rd stringer in. Bears stopped playing hard at the beginning of the 4th Q. Other notes: dominated 49ers AT candlestick, won AT Dallas 44-0. 19-1 with just a mediocre quarterback

The bears have always been a good team. In fifth grade, I did a report on Walter Payton. He had 28 NFL records. He was not only the greatest running back, but the greatest player ever to live. 85 bears were the best team of all time. They had the best defense and Walter payton. Go bears and let's hope they do better next year.

Every team gets famous cause of their quarterback and 1,000 yard rusher. They don't care about defense. They are the people who don't allow points, and this team is the best ever, why? Because in the playoffs they led every team a combined 0 POINTS. They beat the 49er dynasty. This team is boss. There can never be a team like this ever.

85 Bears beat every team they faced in the playoffs by an average margin of 27 points; complete dominance.

72 Dolphins squeaked by their opponents come playoff time and actually went into their super bowl game as UNDERDOGS. No way the supposed #1 team of all time is a team that wasn't even favored to win going into the super bowl; makes no sense.

Two playoff shutouts, and points allowed in Superbowl were only from a turnover deep in Bears territory (ball was not advanced before Pats field goal), and 7 in garbage time against second string defenders, who were given play time because there was not a shutout to preserve.
Also, their strength of schedule was far beyond 72 Dolphins, who only played a couple of teams during the regular season that were over.500.

The 85' Bears showed the football world what a championship team is all about. Based on defense and a strong running game, they we're the most dominating team thus far. Sure the 72' Dolphins went undefeated but they didn't dominated the way the Bears defense did!

The Bears beat better teams then the Dolphins go on and say but they beat the Steelers in 1972 Steelers were still young and not in their prime yet so they had a easy playoff schedule the Bears played the slightly better teams also the Bears won 15 games and a total of 18 two more games can make a difference

The dolphins might have been the only team to win all their games but they are not the only undefeated team in pro football history as in the 20's the canton bulldogs went an impressive 21-0-3 over 2 seasons and I think that that should put them 2nd on this list behind this great Chicago bears team.

The 1985 would destroy the 1972 Dolphins. 1973 Dolphins. 1984 Dolphins. Or the 1985 Dolphins if they were good enough to make it to the Super Bowl.

They probably lost on purpose knowing that they would have been embarrassed & rest taken off on stretchers in SB XX.

This was the most exciting and colorful team to ever play the game. They didn't just win, they stomped on the league with the Super Bowl Shuffle. Jim McMahon never got the credit he deserved. He was the true "heart and Soul " of this team. He was the true MVP of this team and the Super Bowl.

It's hilarious when they put the refrigerator at fullback at the goal line because he runs over everybody to get in the end zone but rest of the team can beat everybody and in the Super Bowl, they only allowed 23 rushing yards. The best team in the history of the NFL - Awesomedogg

1 run, and only 1 ring to show for it? This does not make any sense. The only reason the 1985 bears are considered the greatest team of all time is because Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the country, and this is the only time, in the superbowl era, that the bears have any gloating rights.

In Super Bowl if not for the fumble in their own territory on their first possession after which the Pats gained 0 yards, but still were able to kick the field goal and the 7 points the Pats scored in the 4th quarter against the 3rd string, would not have allowed a point in the playoffs! Enough said! Only time on an NFL field where I actually saw true fear in a team's opponents eyes!

In the playoffs, opponents lived in fear of this defense like no defense ever before or since. The offense was good with McMahon, Walter etc.., but that defense was the best ever. Undoubtedly the greatest team ever in the playoff run.

The unforgettable Buddy Ryan 46 defense was the most exciting the game has ever seen. Mike Ditka taught them how to be winners, and Walter Payton showed everyone how to be a legend. Simply, the best.

I am a die hard Packers fan, but even so I must admit that no team has captivated football fans and new audiences like the '85 Bears. They were dominant on both sides of the ball, they were charismatic, they did things their way, their game plan was to play their style of football, they were not your proto-typical team, but it worked. Besides the records the set in one year, the point differential prior to QB and WR favored rule changes form mid-90's till now makes the '85 Chicago Bears unquestionably the best NFL team off all time.

85 bears had the best defense in history. Best defensive franchise and great team. Go Bears.

If McMahon had stayed healthy and they'd had a better coach (Ditka was too emotional and not a great strategist), that team might have won 4 or 5 Super Bowls before their time was done. And what was with the Vince Tobin hire?