2007 New England Patriots


Giants got very, very lucky. That Super Bowl was just the most disappointing game I've ever watched. If the pats had played like they normally did, the giants would have gotten destroyed.

If the Patriots would have won that Super Bowl, without a doubt the best team EVER! In fact in my opinion they are still the best ever and I'm a Bills fan so that's very hard to say. The truth is the truth! Ironic enough the the 2nd best team in my opinion is the '85 Bears and who did they beat? Yes the Patriots! Would be an awesome game to watch the '85 Bears against not the '85 Patriots but the '07 Patriots! Too bad we can't go back in time:(

Losing a super bowl by a bunch of miracles on the last drive doesn't take away from their dominance. This team was unbelievable and far exceeded anyone else in the league. In any game a bad play, a good play, a timekeepers or refs mistake, a dropped pass, a miracle catch can cost a team a game. If you judge a team by losing one game instead of winning 18 in a row, most of them decisively, you don't know much about football

oh what a horrible loss on that superbowl. oh well. that was the most shocking loss I've ever seen. but so many players set records that year. and went 18-0 in the regular season and in the playoffs. I'm a pats fan and i'll admit... the giants were a better team by a field goal. we are still an amazing team and we did things that no other team did. - fireinside96

My husband loves this team and says its the best so I must agree

the would stomp any team, and appeared at least five or six times in the superbowl since 2001. HA, GO PATRIOTS

are you serious should be #1, 18-0 but that choke in the super bowl makes them the second best NFL team, and Tom Brady and randy moss both set touchdown records that year, the giants don't deserve to be the 2008 champs at all, why didn't they go 18-1 - matt52597

Best scoring offense of all time. Brady broke the single season passing TD record and Moss broke the single season receiving TD record. Both records held by hall of famers. They blew out nearly every team they played. 18-1 and lost to a Giants team with one of the best defensive lines we will ever see. Went into the super bowl cocky and lost because of it. Regardless, they would beat the 85 bears and 72 dolphins easily in my opinion.

No organization has done more with fewer star names. To appear five times in the Super Bowl since 2001 is the most amazing achievement yet. The Patriots are a no excuse team as they achieve excellence every year. From the ownership down, it makes me proud to be a Patriot fan.

Going 18-1 in the free agency era has never been done and is more challenging than going 17-0 back in days of less parity. This team had the greatest offense of all time paired with the best defense in the league. They would beat any team on this list.

no doubt brady matched with moss and welker is nuts, then that defense, they still had great competition. they beat Peyton and the colts, the steelers, the giants with that d, the cowboys, they werent playing crappy teams, and still had a clean season - jdsoaresfamily2

Oh man I loved this team so much. The Super Bowl was heartbreaking but hey, when you're the Patriots in this day and age, you can ALWAYS look forward to next season being really awesome too. Besides, 49 and 51 definitely make up for it

This is a premature vote, but when its all said and done, not only will the be the second team to undeafeated, but they will have averaged more then 35 points a game, including, ya I said it, the Super bowl.

The #1 Team In History. Every Record Broke In This Year. In 10 Years They've Been To The Super Bowl 5x's. Most Teams Are Lucky To Go One Time. They Broke Every Record You Can Break As A Team. Two Names Brady-Moss...

This team won 18 straight games before losing to the Giants. The 72 Dolphins won 17. The Pats were faltering a bit towards the end of the season, but when they were on their roll, I never saw any team dominate like they did.

In reality they would be anyone in a 3 game series best offense ever top 50 defense 72 dolphins would get blown out 70 to 3 and that's being conservative if they wanted to they could probably score triple digits

They lost in the Super Bowl that year! Can't even be considered as the best. If anyone, the Giants should be the best team of all time since they beat a team that many consider to be the best of all time in the most important game of the year. Enough said!

18 WINS! No team can beat that. So what if the Giants beat them, they got lucky on a lucky catch. Patriots Will go down in History as the Best Franchise ever.

Man imagine how much the legacy of this team would have changed by had they just beaten a ten win team in the biggest game of the season...very good team nonetheless

We need to prove to the world the Patriots are the best team in HISTORY! Can we win the vote? Yes we can if you get different computers and vote we can win this thing.

They didn't just win every game in the regular season, they embarassed most of their competition. The biggest stories on ESPN was NE and the road to th eperfect season and how every coach was coming forth and calling out NE for beating to the point of callin it, "unsportsman like". How many teams have you seen in your life time beat the competition to the point that they were begging for mercy, forcing NE to start playing 3 stringers in the 4th quarter?

At least the Best Franchise in the last twenty years, they have set some records that have surpassed many of the best team records of all time in the NFL

New England is one of the best teams. Tom Brady almost went for an undefeated season, with only Randy Moss as a good receiver.

Hold on... They were undefeated until the miracle helmet catch drive! Yes, the '85 Bears were spectacular, but we're talking about an almost undefeated team!

Dude they were undefeated 16-0 they should have won the Super Bowl and the undefeated Dolphins only had 14 games in the regular season hands down best team

If it were not for one lucky catch, we wouldn't even have this discussion! Perfect regular season and best quarterback and offense and one play away from #1 everything! Period!