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21 1996 Green Bay Packers

Reggie white is the best defensive player of all time. He was a monster on the field and not even Erik Williams could beat him he had 198 sacks through his career second most in history. Brett Favre has the most passing yards, passing touchdowns, and was the toughest player ever he has the record for the most consecutive starts in a row. And you might say the reason he had so many yards and touchdowns because he played for so long but he broke both records long before he retired.

The best offense and the best defense in the NFL during the 1996 season. Had an average margin of victory of over 17 points through the playoffs and the Super Bowl

NO doubt. Reggie White, Brett Favre, you name it! Reggie white had more sacks than games played. That just proves that he is the greatest defensive player of all time.

There pretty awesome Aaron Rogers is a beast you guys can do it win the super bowl I belive in you

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22 2012 Baltimore Ravens

This team is stronger then most teams great defense and great players.

Because the Super Bowl and their my favorite team.


I like the baltimore ravens

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23 1922 Green Bay Packers

This team just is amazing every year.

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24 2012 San Francisco 49ers

They lost though. Good team. But still lost.

This team is AMAZING! Colin Kaepernick is the best QB I've seen in a while! Michael Crabtree is a great wide receiver! Team that with Frank Gore and Patrick Willis and you have a recipe for success!

6 super bowls 5 wins and 1 lose. so far in 2014 they are 4-2 but they will not make the 2014 playoffs.

Kaepernick the best QB you've seen in a while and Crabree is a great wide receiver? I'm suspecting you don't watch football much. Both are mediocre... med-i-o-cre.

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25 1971 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are clearly the best, well to me anyway I love the cowboy's so much because dude they play like pro extremely excellent and I highly recommend to go for the cowboys WOOHOO GO COWBOYS!

The Cowboys won the Super Bowl in 71 Staubach to Drew Pearson. Good combination


The cowboys RULE! Everybody says that tony romo sucks but he's far better than you

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26 2014 Denver Broncos V 4 Comments
27 1998 Minnesota Vikings

Should be much higher than this. Lost two games by a TOTAL of sic points. I don't understand how they could placed this low on the list. It's almost ridiculous to me how they are 13 and others are ranked higher who did not win the super bowl.

Cunningham's best year as a pro, Randy Moss's coming out party, and old reliable Cris Carter made this team dominant 9n 1998, but poor coaching and decision making in the 1999 NFC Championship game cost them a trip to the Super Bowl and to be one of the best teams of all time you have to have great players, great coaching, and that ring, gotta have that ring! Boo to anyone who votes for the 2007 Patriots.

Randy Moss and Cris Carter (arguably the #2 and #3 receivers of all -time)...both on this team and both playing some of the best football of their careers in 1998. Might have been the most explosive offense ever. A fluke loss prevented them from crushing the 1998 Denver broncos in the Superbowl.

This was probably the best offense ever

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28 1984 Miami Dolphins

Greatest season of all time by a QB (Dan Marino) Just so untimely that it was also the greatest season for the 49ers. Best offense (Dolphins) vs. Best Defense (49ers) and it just goes to show you that Defense always wins even when God (Dan Marino) is throwing the ball.

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29 2004 Indianapolis Colts

Manning threw 49 TD passes in the Colts first 15 games, but it took Brady 16 games to beat his record. That season was beast. - footballanytime

That year was great for them but Peyton Manning is no longer my favorite player ever since he moved to the Broncos.

HA who cares about the 2007 patriots... yea.. beasts through season but... wait... oh yeah they can't even finish against the Giants!
2004 colts had a fantastic season - thenorris03

I love the colts!

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30 2011 San Francisco 49ers

Sanfransico 49ers is the best team in the histery of teams I love the 49ers

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31 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They blew out every team in the playoffs including the raiders in the Super bowl. They scored a total of 9 touchdowns as a defense and that's not even including all the interceptions they had as a defense. In the superbowl they had 5 total and taking back 3 for touchdowns. Decent offense but probably one of the top 5 defenses of all time.


The buccaneers are the best team in the nfl they should be number 1 but I'm happy that all people hate the buccaneers I think that the buccaneers are a BOSS

9 touchdowns on defense says it all. An amazing coach in Jon Gruden helped pull together a broken offense while a defense that will go down as one of the best of all time, lead by Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice at the line, with a strong secondary with Dexter Jackson and Ronde Barber, not to mention Safety John Lynch and arguably one of the best linebackers if all time in Derrick Brooks. Should be higher.

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32 1973 Miami Dolphins

This team should be way higher. It destroyed all its playoff opponents. They knew the run was coming and they not do anything about it. The greatest offensive line in history. 2 in the Hall of Fame. 1 should be and all 5 were pro bowlers. Defense was underrated. They gave up very few points.

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33 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team is always voted as the Best in NFL history by people old enough to have seen the Packers of the '60s, and still alive to have seen the 49ers of the '80s, Cowboys of the '90s. This team was 12-2 in a division that also had an 11-3 team and a 10-4 team. Only teams that can come close to this one is the 1978 Steelers, 1973 Dolphins and maybe the 1984 49ers. 1985 Bears can't be considered in the conversation. As a top ten team of all time, sure, but not as the best team of all time. No team past the year 2000 can be considered, even as a top 10 team.

My dads favorite team and they won the most super bowls

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34 2010 Arizona Cardinals

Best team ever no matter in 2004 2015 2010 any time

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35 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs are the best team in the league they respect our nation they don't sit down during the National Anthem right now they are making a comeback like in 2015 they made to the playoffs and lost they thought they were the best team they some mistakes in there lifetime and don't forget they made it to the first Superbowl and lost well they didn't play there best.

I love how they went 9-0 and then started losing

They did amazing in 2013 except the playoffs!

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36 2004 New England Patriots

Dynasty in the salary cap era enough said best TEAM ever key word-----TEAM

17-2, one of the best Ds+ great running & passing games

Ok this list must be an April fools joke. The 2004 Patriots are easily top 10 of all time. They obviously destroyed the 2004 Colts, so this list is null and void right there

37 2013 Denver Broncos

Prater and Peyton both a record the pats 07 is up there and they lost the super bowl why aren't the broncos

They should be much higher on the list. Manning broke so many records that season

Look at how many records Peyton Manning broke in just this season!

All though they lost the Super bowl 43-8?

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38 1949 Philadelphia Eagles

You are the best NFL football team ever
I am your biggest fan. Watch Out because here come the Eagles

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39 1935 Chicago Bears

Dude they lost one game the championship game.

Another amazing team that people forget to recognize. Mostly because of ignorant people who know nothing other than superbowls. If you ask these people about anything prior to 1966 there mind goes blank.

Good team, but remember this team played against 1935 talent.

40 2009 Indianapolis Colts

I think the 2009 season was the Colts' best record in franchise history, thanks to Peyton Manning, the best quarterback in the NFL at the time. It was so disappointing that they lost big time to the Saints by losing 14 points in the Super Bowl, but I think they could've done better. - creed99

Andrew Luck was not even in the nfl in 2009. That being said that was a great year with Peyton manning going 14-2

The Colts are one of the most horrible teams this year why are they even on this list?

These players are the best of the best mad with Andrew luck they are the best

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