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41 2009 Indianapolis Colts

I think the 2009 season was the Colts' best record in franchise history, thanks to Peyton Manning, the best quarterback in the NFL at the time. It was so disappointing that they lost big time to the Saints by losing 14 points in the Super Bowl, but I think they could've done better. - creed99

Andrew Luck was not even in the nfl in 2009. That being said that was a great year with Peyton manning going 14-2

The Colts are one of the most horrible teams this year why are they even on this list?

These players are the best of the best mad with Andrew luck they are the best

42 1955 Cleveland Browns

The Browns may be a bad team but just listen to me. The Browns have the 4 most title wins in the nfl. The packers, Giants and bears have the top 3 title wins In the nfl and Browns are number four. And yes the history of the nfl counts. So those other teams who think they are good should really think about that.

Otto went to 10 championship games and won 7. not bad

Look out London, here we come

It was that long ago

43 2014 Seattle Seahawks

Those guys rocked the Super Bow

Surprised every one by winning 43-3 to Denver Broncos

They almost beat New England. they would have won if they ran it with lynch then they would win 2014 super bowl.

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44 1977 Dallas Cowboys

tony dorsett,roger staubach,robert newhouse,hollywood henderson need i go on.and im not a cowboy fan.

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45 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers best year ever best defensive year great offense to 3 not top 45.

They should be like number 10 not 45?



46 2004 Philadelphia Eagles

Great team but lost a close game by 3 points to a dynasty of a team in the Patriots!

You guys rock I am your biggest fanfly Eagles fly on the road to Victory

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47 1967 Green Bay Packers V 1 Comment
48 2011 Denver Broncos

I don't think Peyton Manning played with that team yet. - creed99

He didn't play with them yet

Peyton Manning rules

Broncos are the best
/Except for when Peyton Manning left the team.

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49 2012 Houston Texans

Good year for the texans, just need a lil more back then

Beast team I should know I was born there

I think they should be 1place😎

50 1968 Green Bay Packers

I just love the packers they are awesome!

Green Bay is going to the Super Bowl of 2017

The packers are bad put it number 115

51 1950 Cleveland Browns

This is a joke. All but 2 of the top 20 teams are from within the past 15-20 years. Cleveland Browns of the early 1950's made the playoffs 10 straight years, won 7 championships and have 10 players and a coach in the Hall of Fame and no votes? Green Bay Packers of 1961-1966 won 5 NFL championships and the first 2 Super Bowls, have 9 hall of fame players and the greatest coach ever (whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after) and they get no top 15 respect. The people who voted this must all be under 30 years old and/or "hittin the crack pipe a bit too much"...

If not for the renaming of the championship game, there might be more respect. The team was way ahead of their time.

Jim brown greatest player to ever grace the field!

Those early Browns teams are so underrated, they need a lot more love.

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52 1940 Chicago Bears

The dominance of this team may be forgotten by today's fan, but they were the greatest team of all time.

What the 2013 seattle Seahawks do to manning was nothing compared to what this team did to the 1940's Redskins offense that featured Sammy Baugh one of the greatest quarterbacks ever

The Bears are not the greatest team of all time. Packers and arguably ther Steelers and Giants are far better

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53 2015 Tennessee Titans

They had 2 wins and they are above the super bowl winners

2 wins why number 1

They won 3 games instead of 2, actually. - creed99

Why on earth are the Titans here? they won 2 games! 2-14 great record

54 1986 New York Giants

This team should be ranked in the top 5 look at how they dominated on both sides of the ball. I will give you the 85 bears an
The 72 dolphins and the 71 cowboys and the 62 packers that is it... Remember that team beat a great 49 team 49-3 and during their march knocked countless qbs out of games.

Below two other very mediocre Giants teams (2007 and 2011) the 86 giants rank at 113? Really? They need to be top 10. Why is the 1990 team above them? 1990 was great, but watch how dominant this team was. - therootbeer

How is this possible? 50? Subtract 47. The 85 Bears had no offense; remember McMahon would just throw a Hail Mary down field 3 out of 4 downs. It should be Miami, New England, and the 3rd Greatest Football Team of the modern era; the New York FOOTBALL GIANTS.

One of the most balanced and dominant teams of my lifetime. Comparable to best Chicago, Pittsburg and Frisco teams. Truly the most feared of all the modern Giants' teams. It's absurd that they'd be ranked so low on this list. The '07 Giants made the top 20? Nonsense!. Who ARE these people?

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55 1966 Green Bay Packers

Best year Ever for packers! they won their 4th nfl championship since 1961 and won the first ever super bowl with Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi 35-10 against the chiefs and have an awesome season and a lot of other great stuff and you guys put it at Number 35! you guys are crazy!, this is one of the greatest single seasons for a team in the nfl, it should be number 1!

If there were no packers there would be no super bowl vince Lombardi was perhaps the greatest coach of all time they had bart starr they won the first super bowl against the chiefs 35 to 10 and the second against the raiders 37 to 14

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56 1983 Los Angeles Raiders
57 1969 New York Jets

If Joe Namath were playing today, he'd win the Super Bowl every year, The 1968 New York Jets would beat every team on this list hands-down

Joe Namath was great, and so we're a the other players, they should be higher up

Greatest underdogs of all time, come on guys, vote right


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58 2012 Seattle Seahawks

Easily could have made the Superbowl if The falcons didn't make that last second field goal.

Yes, the would have won against if Pete Carrol wouldn't have made that dumb call and tried to ice the kicker! 2014 Super Bowl Champions!

59 1963 San Diego Chargers

They had everything, offense, defense, special teams and were the first glamor team of pro football.

This team was AFL it doesn't deserve to be mentioned when talking about NFL teams.

San Diego is a good team


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60 1984 San Fransisco 49ers


The greatest of all time 85 bears the 72 dolphins the 92 cowboys 02 ravens 90 giants 96 packers

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