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101 2008 Detroit Lions

#1 head and shoulders above the rest would win against any team screw the 85 Bears and the 72 Dolphins the are the true champions - redwings56

They lost so they could win walter payton man of the year award for giving teams W's

The only went 0-16 so that they could give the opposing teams free wins. RESPECT

Of all the teams, this was AT LEAST the 32nd best. - UltraGamer

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102 1961 Green Bay Packers

Not surprised this is here. Vince Lombardi led them to 11-3 and a championship.

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103 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team was so explosive. They had so much talent that you knew you had to be careful around them, offense or defense. Plus they brought home ring #6 to Pittsburgh

Yeah and the giants have 8 rings the bears have 9 and the packers have 13 woopy doo Pittsburgh

8 super bowls 6 wins they have a very good history.

104 2002 Atlanta Falcons

This should be one of the top 20 at least!

Atlanta falcons should be at top 20 you people are rude

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105 2015 New York Giants

Need a win this week

Its amazing great.

I don't like them

They don't need a win 🏆 they just need to keep on losing which is amazing if they keep on losing

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106 2011 New York Giants

The giants to me suck pretty much I'm not a fan at all I'm not a fan of the patriots ether so I realm don't care

The patriots lost to the giants, and there in the top 15!

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107 1991 Detroit Lions

Should be higher than both the 2011 and 2014 seasons at least in 91' they won a playoff game. - htoutlaws2012

108 2005 Seattle Seahawks

Probably the best Seattle team of all time. Dominated all year with a 14-2Superbowl season. Only to eventually lose a very controversial game in The Superbowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were clearly the better team.

Seattle's team could not have been better. Lead by the power running attack of Shaun Alexander.

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109 2013 Cincinnati Bengals

I want the Bengals to win a playoff game

Cool team in the NFL

Bengals should win a playoff game

No the seahawks are the best.

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110 2015 New England Patriots

They were better defense then offense

They the bombs in super bowl 49

They came up 1 play short...

Best team ever

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111 2015 Arizona Cardinals

This close to winning it all

Gonna make history

the Best

112 2002 St. Louis Rams V 1 Comment
113 1975 Minnesota Vikings

It's a great team it hast to be number one

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114 2013 Carolina Panthers

Been rooting for them and the Seahawks all the way! I am glad seahawks avenged them by knocking out the 49ers.

I'm glad there are good teams like Carolina but I like the steelers

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115 2014 Detroit Lions

Best on my opinion most on seen team and are just hidden in the dark and not putting there all out there

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116 1920 Canton Bulldogs

Ok... Let's go back a little. Let's go where football was just emerging, where there was no such thing as football helmets, and when the goalpost was at the front of the end zone. And Jim Thorpe. "Ahh," you might say, "That rings a bell." Well, it should. Jim Thorpe was the best. He was their all star running back and linebacker, a guy who could play almost any position. The Bulldogs were the 1972 Dolphins, the 1970 Raiders, the 1985 bears, and the 2000 Ravens all in one. They were ANIMALS, jumping and running, having bloody knuckles and missing teeth, and risking their lives pretty much for the game. The Bulldogs are the definition of football, and I would be darned if any team today could beat these NFL legends.

117 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers
118 2010 New York Giants
119 2001 St. Louis Rams

They were really good in 1988

Gay and fake

120 2009 Arizona Cardinals

Only had Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner but still went to the super bowl

Great win over Green bay in the wild card but a sad loss in the divisional

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