Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

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121 1981 Cincinnati Bengals V 1 Comment
122 1974 Houston Oilers
123 2014 Indianapolis Colts

That's not true they were really bad, go COWBOYS

The colts are the best team e

124 2007 Indianapolis Colts

U got Robert Mathis and Dwight freeney who are 2 of the best pass rushers ever. Then you got Bob sanders in the secondary. and on offense you got the goat him self peyton manning u got the best wr duo in the history of the sport Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne how is this team not a top ten they would murder the 2004 Patriots

125 2012 Washington Redskins
126 2015 Cincinnati Bengals

Undefeated and 8-0 for the first time

127 2015 Atlanta Falcons

Yes they are good people in your face

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128 2001 New England Patriots

Tom Brady was absolutely amazing he will surpass many records for the years to come.

This was the season the Patriots won their first ever Super Bowl. - creed99

129 2007 Oakland Raiders

Yeah, see the guy who posted this was confused. He meant the 1983 Raiders! - alexmendoza

The Raiders are by far one of the best teams. Some may think only in the late 70s however we have the most faithful fans.

The Raiders are always willing to do what it takes to win, and they always believe in there selves! They are a great team, every year!

V 2 Comments
130 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars

Could have went to the super bowl, such a good squad

Wow, Great season. Just lost to the Titans 3 times..

V 1 Comment
131 1963 San Diego Chargers

They had everything, offense, defense, special teams and were the first glamor team of pro football.

This team was AFL it doesn't deserve to be mentioned when talking about NFL teams.

San Diego is a good team


V 4 Comments
132 2006 Chicago Bears

Best defense in the league at that time, unstoppable, great defense, perfect special teams, great offense

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133 1965 Cleveland Browns

Here we go brownies here we go the browns were amazing especially with Paul brown at their side

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134 2012 Green Bay Packers

UNDEFEATED! EXCEPT FOR THE PLAY OFFS AND THE CHIEFS! See, the only reason they lost the play offs is because the team haven't played for almost 3 weeks and the Giants just played and the Chiefs did anything to beat the Packers.

How ironic they lost to the 49ers twice the first game, then in the playoffs yea that's the green bay packers laugh out loud - htoutlaws2012

Green and yellow all day very day YEA Buddy!

How can you beat 15-1 and destroy everyone

V 3 Comments
135 2003 Kansas City Chiefs V 2 Comments
136 2011 Houston Texans

Despite injuries to several players including their starting QB, they made it to the divisional round. - texans14

137 2010 Green Bay Packers

146?! They had the MOST lost games to SIGNIFICANT players on IR of any team in post season history! Even so, after 14 games they were 8-6 and were forced to win out to reach the playoffs. Not only did they win the final two games to attain the final wildcard spot, they then won their next four (making it six straight) elimination games (in convincing fashion! ) to become World Champs for the 13th time. 85 Bears?! 9 time Steelers?! Tom Brady?! Can't touch this!

With 16 players on the IR list, Aaron Rogers and his squad dominated in the playoffs and went on to win the Super Bowl. This team should definitely be ranked in the top ten of greatest teams of all time.

Better than 90% of the teams listed above.. This list is a joke

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138 2009 New Orleans Saints

They went 13-3 and dominated pretty much every team they beat put them on the top ten

Great team good talent

Okay these guys were really good

I like that the '09 colts are 40 spaces higher dispite not winning

V 2 Comments
139 2008 Tennessee Titans
140 1987 Cleveland Browns

A fumble and a drive away from back to back Super Bowls

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