Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

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141 1986 Cleveland Browns
142 1998 New York Jets

Wow good thing ryan was not their coach...

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143 1993 Houston Oilers

This team went 12-4 and kicked butt just about every game. However, turmoil and history of playoff failure led to their elimination in the divisional round. One could argue that if they had beaten the Chiefs that day in 1994, the Oilers would have never left Houston. They probably would have gotten the money they needed for a new stadium and wouldn't have lost players, therefore not having to relocate to Tennessee. - texans14

144 1998 Atlanta Falcons
145 2011 Detroit Lions
146 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers
147 1980 Cleveland Browns

Classic cardiac kid time, they played some of the best football in nil at the time.

I do not like. Thom

148 2011 Green Bay Packers

They were 15 and 1, They were AMAZING

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149 2014 Tennessee Titans

Why is this team not last on this?

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150 2013 Baltimore Ravens

I like the Ravens Because. Their keep. Besting. The Steelers

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151 2015 Green Bay Packers V 1 Comment
152 2015 Minnesota Vikings
153 2015 St. Louis Rams
154 2015 New York Jets

Should have got to the playoffs

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