Top Ten NFL Upsets of All Time


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1 SuperBowl XLll

Sorry but Super Bowl III was the better upset. If that doesn't happen, the NFL doesn't merge. Plus, the Giants played the Patriots close in the regular season while the Jets would've lost to the Colts in the regular season had they played. The Patriots were favored by 12 points over the Giants while the Colts were favored by 18 over the Jets. In reality, the Giants had a better chance of beating the Patriots than the Jets did of beating the Colts of the odds. - BUETBU91

Greatest team ever to suit up, it's close to the 2001 Rams and oddly enough they lost to much weaker teams in the SuperBowl.

One of the most improbable upsets. A weaker team finds a way to beat one of the best NFL teams of all time.

I don't really like this super bowl. They kinda destroy the patroits greatness of how they play this year their getting this butt kick wot 2010 Super bowl lets go Patroits

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2 SuperBowl lll

Better than Super Bowl XLII because without it, the NFL wouldn't be what it is today. - BUETBU91

I do think overall Superbowl 42 was a bigger upset, but Superbowl 3 meant so much more, if it wasn't for this win, there may have never been a merger. - MRJ12744

Jets upset the colts with Joe Namath - ZachW97

3 SuperBowl XXVl

Patriots win their first superbowl ever against the rams - ZachW97

One of the greatest upsets ever!

4 Browns Upset Eagles In 1950 Opener

I hate this game because I'm a eagles fan whenever they talk about this upset I ignore it - Awesomedogg

5 SuperBowl XXXll

Broncos win against favre - ZachW97

6 Jaguars Upset Broncos In 1996 Playoffs

What a game. Go Jags.

7 Vikings Upset 49ers In 1987 Playoffs
8 Falcons upset Vikings in the 1998 NFC Championship

Really 11th?!?! It was a) 20-7 Vikings b) up to their perfect kicker to make a 38 YARD FIELD GOAL and missed and the falcons won 30-27(OT)

9 Redskins' Scab Beats Americas Team
10 Patriots beating the Seahawks in 2015 Super Bowl XLIX

Malcolm Butler made the most amazing read ever. That's all I have to say

This wasn't an upset the game could have went either way

Whoever thinks the Patriots cheated:Go soak your head. We won the Super Bowl fair and square. Malcolm Butler was great, Tom Brady was fantastic.

I love the Seahawks and I don't like the patriots they cheated

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11 SuperBowl XXV

Backup Jeff Hostleter beat Jim Kelly's Bills - ZachW97

Best offense of the year K-gun gets held back enough to lose to garbage Hostetler

12 Dolphins beat NFC runner-ups Atlanta Falcons 2014

Game winning TD by Ryan Tannehill one word BEAST - peaceswagtv

13 Bengals Upset Packers

What the heck was Rodgers thinking? Terence Newman got the game-winning touchdowns. Nugent missed a field goal and Dalton threw 2 TD

14 Chiefs End the Packers Undefeated Streak In 2011
15 SuperBowl lV

Proved that Super Bowl III wasn't a fluke.

16 1964 NFL Championship, Browns beat Colts.
17 7-9 Seahawks beat Defending Champ Saints

Yep first 7-9 team to make the playoffs - peaceswagtv

The Beast Quake run and what a game.

18 Panthers Beat the Cardinals In the Wild Card In 2015 Playoffs

This wasn't an upset, the cardinals barely had real football players left on their MASH unit

19 Super Bowl 50
20 Super Bowl LII
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1. SuperBowl lll
2. SuperBowl XLll
3. SuperBowl XXVl
1. Chiefs End the Packers Undefeated Streak In 2011
2. Patriots beating the Seahawks in 2015 Super Bowl XLIX
3. Falcons upset Vikings in the 1998 NFC Championship


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