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1 Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chára is a Slovak professional ice hockey defenseman, currently serving as captain of the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League.

When his fathers an olympic wrestler, he can throw around Laraque like a rag doll. - fredthewaffle

2 Milan Lucic

His fight record says it all. I loved when he split that guys head open, and destroyed Komisarek. He's a Boston Brawler for sure


3 Georges Laraque

How could anyone thing he's not number one? When he fought he would always go for punches and he would take a guy out with punches. He wouldn't just be a pansy and try and spin them or body slam them. He would go with fists.

Smaller and in my opinion tougher than Chara and a lot tougher then Chara for his size

4 Colton Orr

He is in top three best fighter in NHL besides Parros and maybe the best fighter NEIL from the senators

5 Donald Brashear

What an earth chara is doing number one. Brash should be there, because he is the best fighter ever.

6 George Parros

One word... MUSTASCHE. The ducks have a day solely for kids to dress up and to look like him. He is an anahiem favorite and iconic player, the kind of guy you don't want to fight when you see him in bar.

7 Derek Boogard

Derek was the best fighter ever in the NHL. Even fighting legend Georges Laraque went into early retirement just so he wouldn’t have to fight The Boogey Man himself.

Best he just destorey

8 Bob Probert

No one knows anything about hockey or fighting with this stupid list!

He trained at Cronk's Gym!

9 Zac Rinaldo

Is a small guy, fights guys 40 lbs heavier than him and still wins every time.

10 Arron Asham

The Contenders

11 Brandon Prust
12 Danny Carcillo
13 Zach Stortini
14 Tie Domi
15 Mike Komisarek
16 Chris Simon
17 Joey Kocur
18 Andrew Peters
19 Brad May
20 Kris King
21 Rick Rypien
22 Tony Twist

Is this current or all-time? I know a lot of people think Probert was the best NHL fighter of all time and Twist is usually not so high on the list due to his short fight card... but the main reason his fight card was so short is that many of the league's fighters plain and simply didn't want to fight him. Probert may have been the better fighter but Twist was definitely the most feared, I've seen Laraque lose a few fights because he was out fought but the only guy I've ever seen overpower Laraque was Twist. He was known for bench pressing somewhere between 400-450 lbs

23 Brian Sutter
24 Luke Gazdic
25 Jared Boll
26 Matt Martin
27 Jordin Tootoo
28 John Scott
29 Clark Gillies
30 Behn Wilson

Skilled player. Beat many of the players on this list, some more than once. Not as many fights because players gave him a wide berth.

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1. Zdeno Chara
2. Donald Brashear
3. Georges Laraque
1. Zdeno Chara
2. Danny Carcillo
3. Donald Brashear
1. Colton Orr
2. George Parros
3. Milan Lucic

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