Top 10 NHL Team Names, Logos, and Colors


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1 Red Wings

The only reason Red Wings logo is number 1 is because the red wings have the biggest fanbase around America

Red wings rock! There logo is so amazing

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2 Devils

Devils. red black and white

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3 Flames

I like the flames but I want a different team

How is this not on top?

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4 Bruins

Bruins are the best I have only been to one game. They played the Panthers and won 3 - 0.
This is the bruins: hard slap shot at the point by Jagr scores 2 minutes in the game. Hamilton at the point shorthanded slapshot scores between the old wickets. Marchand chases the puck down the ice get the puck scores at the red line for a empty neter.
This was the Panthers:At center ice a panthers man stands there gets a major hit by Lucic. A panthers guy stands buy the boards Chara hits him so hard there is blood on the ice. The Bruins are a phisical and classic team they ROCK!

colors? can anything truly be better than the black and gold? the big and bad are back!

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5 Penguins

Penguins is a terrible awful name because penguins fall prey to orcas and leapord seals. Penguins is one of the worst names ever. Still not as bad as Anaheim ducks though. Ducks fall prey to crocodiles and people hunt ducks down and eat them. At least give a team a proper name.

Best logo! Best colors! Best team! Best fans! Best city!

Penguins RUUULLLLEEEE! they should be number 1 why are they 6?

Go pens

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6 Senators

the classic red black and white the sens make it the best its should be number 1 teams see this jersey they scream

I don't even care about this it blows these are horrible and don't even get me started with red wings are number 1

Ill face it I like the blues so I wouldn't go for hawks but the sens symbol blows the blues symbolaway


7 Blackhawks

As a huge Hawks fan, this may be voting for my favorite team, but what's cooler than a red and black Indian?

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8 Flyers

The Flyers are the most amazing team ever... Keep it up boys

I also agree the Flyers are the best.

What is a "Flyer"?
Is the supposed to mean that they are fast? Hahaaahaha

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9 Maple Leafs

Team Colours are classic. I love the 1960s logo. I do wish they would use the old logo again. They haven't won a single cup since they started using the current logo - VADERtheIMPALER

Simple, classic, recognizable for miles away. Teams like the Predators have too much going on on their jersey. The Leafs #1 hands down. - BKAllmighty

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10 Predators

Really good logo. Even as a hawks fan I think this should be top 5 not number 10.

The Newcomers

? Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild
? Vegas Golden Knights Vegas Golden Knights

The Contenders

11 Capitals

The perfect name, Caps, their perfect colors, red, white and blue, and the perfect logo.

Red white and blue is perfect 4 the nations capital

Makes sense. They play in the US capital

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12 Hurricanes

The name kicks ass, logo is cool, good colors. This should trade places with Pittsburgh, their logo sucks. So overrated

13 Ducks

Anaheim Ducks. Best team ever. Who doesn't love orange, black, and metallic gold? - Heffir

This logo stinks. It looks like a duck foot made into a D. That's not fierce or even tough. You could SIT on a duck's foot. You can't sit on a shark eating wood. THE SHARK'S LOGO IS MUCH BETTER!

QUACK! I loved when they were The Mighty Ducks, but that's just me.

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14 Avalanche

two words avs rule (and so do their logos)

15 Rangers

best looking jerseys, best fans, big hockey heritage, awesome city, best logo and best colours what else can I list up enough said Rangers forever - hockeymaniac1972

16 Canadiens

Come on! Bleu, Blanc et Rouge is the best!

17 Blues

Good scheme for name.

18 Wild
19 Jets (2011) Jets (2011) The New York Jets are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area.
20 Thrashers
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