Top Ten NHL Video Games

When it comes to sports video games, none compare to hockey video games, and these are the best.

The Top Ten

1 NHL 11

This game is awesome. Love being a goalie. Go sharks

2 NHL 12

How is this not higher? Honestly NHL 12 took what NHL 11 brought and made it better.

3 NHL 10

Great gameplay, great soundtrack, great game overall

Does it matter? lmao

4 NHL 2006

It's titled 'NHL 06' not '2006'.

5 NHL Slapshot
6 NHL 2K10
7 NHL 2005
8 NHL 08

It was my favorite game until GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption.

9 NHL 09
10 NHL 07

This game should be on the top 5. Dynasty mode is unbelievable and hits, goals, own player -mode and many many more...

Underrated fact: the track list is insane!

The Contenders

11 NHL 2K11

As of December 2015, this is the most recent and up-to-date NHL game for the Wii. I bought this right after it came out just because I wanted a hockey game

Same thing, I bought this because I wanted a hockey game too.

12 NHL '94
13 NHL 14
14 NHL 2K8
15 NHL 2004

It genuinely pains me to even think that there are people who have never played the 2004 (or even 2002 or 2003 edition for that matter). They are so good, it's hard to explain, but it was a simpler time, but also a time when you felt the game offered so much more, albeit with less game modes (and no HUT)

The fact that it's number 15 is pure blasphemy

16 NHL 17

It's not even out yet

17 NHL 18
18 NHL'99
19 NHL 15
20 NHL 16

The gameplay is best I have played out of all of them it should be in the top ten

21 NHL 2K9
22 NHL Hitz 2003

I love this game. The hits are awesome. The announcers are very creative. Unlike other NHL games, when you create a player, you can use animal faces. This game is very addictive.

23 NHL 2002
24 NHL 13
25 NHL 2K7
26 NHL 2003
27 Wayne's Gretzky 3D Hockey
28 NHL 2K6
29 NHL 2001
30 NHL Kinect 11
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