Best Niall Horan Songs

The Top Ten Best Niall Horan Songs

1 This Town

This Town is so pure and explains a first love moving on once you leave.
If Niall wrote this about actual events, his first love, which makes it even more understandable, it’s like when he left to be in 1D.

His first and best song although I love his whole album - juulxo


2 Drag Me Down
3 You and I
4 Slow Hands

One of the best songs I've ever heard

5 Rock Me

The dirt in niall was released once he wrote rock me - juulxo

6 Perfect
7 Story of My Life
8 Too Much to Ask

, so good!

9 Best Song Ever
10 Little Things

The Contenders

11 Seeing Blind

An amazing song I love the way their voices blend perfectly! Totally his best!

12 Nice to Meet Ya
13 Kiss You
14 One Thing
15 Infinity
16 Flicker
17 On the Loose
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