Top Ten Nicest Looking Letters In the Alphabet

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1 S

I just love this letter. I love the way it curves, like it's dancing. Definitely my favourite letter to write.

We just love s don't we. S makes everything more than one. And its shape as a snake.

Because my name starts with this fab letter! My name is Shreya

I love to just write it a lot.

2 A

Sometimes I draw random lowercase As all over a blank sheet of paper

It's my first letter and I like the shape

It's the first for a reason.

Athena powerful and clean

3 R

It's so cute, a combination of straight and curvy

R is just so much fun. What a great letter.

4 C

This is a unique list haha

C is nice because my names Curtis!

5 J

J is a really nice letter and my name starts with a J

Laugh out loud all my sisters & I's names start w/J!

J is such a nice and refreshing letter!

Same shape as a delicious candy cane.

6 O

O, while not being my favorite letter, it is the nicest.

O is my friend.

7 K

In class, I asked what the better letter was (K or E) and I was the only K voter beside another Katie. Happy to know that K is ranked NINE while E is ranked SIXTEEN

I hope I'm not the only person with a favorite letter but I just Really like the letter K That's not even what my name starts with.

It's the first letter of my name, and I love writing it. For some reason I always put the most effort into writing a K.

It is also the first letter of my name too.

8 Q

It looks like the back of a large cat at peace, like it would be watching the sunset at the end of a movie.

I like Q for some reason. They are fun to write.

It's a O with a cute little tail. Sweet!

9 H

H Seems like a Jolly and Happy Letter. It My Favorite Letter of the Alphabet

It's so simple and pretty

my faily history sorta XD

10 Y

Like a tree shape but better.

The Contenders

11 T

It just looks so strong.

12 m

M is my favorite letter cause it's just really pretty I don't know how to explain it it's gorgeous

M is the beautiful letter is the rare letter

Yes or no?

M is looks so strong ...

M.. the best looking letter.. M

13 B

This letter is very beautiful and happy and attractive, so this letter most go the popular letter ever is!

This one always seems to look the happiest. Don't ask me why.

The B is my favourite letter and it looks happy.

It looks like boobs.

14 n

N is beautiful in upper case and can be associated with Nymphs.

15 E

So beautiful, and used in many words, like elegant, enthusiastic, energy, element, essential, and it's the 1st letter of my name: Ellen. Proud to be an E!

I just love the letter E it is so breathtaking. It is just magically beautiful

This is the first letter of my name! That is why I voted!

E looks so nice and neat.

16 I

"I" means "me". It's a great letter. And if you make the point on "I" with your fingerprint, technically speaking, it means you in particular.

17 v

E is the best letter

18 Z

It looks like a nice zig zag

patterned I love it :D

19 G

Very unique letter. It has more character than a C or an O which it resembles.

I love writing this letter I will write it all day

How come no one has put this beautiful letter in?

20 X

Reminds me of a sweet kiss - x

21 a

so fancy and pretty

22 L

First letter of my real name.

23 F

Its all the way down here?

24 D

Looks better when You add : before it.

Pretty damn hot

25 u
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