Top Ten Nicest Looking Letters In the Alphabet


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1 S

And S is the first letter of the quote, "Shut up when I'm talking to you! " which is from a song by a famous band back in their early years, which was about ten years ago. Which, of course, was back when President Bush was still in office, which is also when the tragic 9/11 event happened. Which, of course, is when we went to war with Iraq which lead to even more deaths than there was in the act of 9/11. And death, of course, meaning that one is no longer here, is the exact opposite of life. Therefore, the letter "S" that is beloved by many, leads to death. Thank you for reading, that is, of you did read this. If not, then you did not read this, therefore I do not thank you. Goodbye.

...And that band was Linkin Park! A truly great band which had this great quote in one of their songs!

I just love this letter. I love the way it curves, like it's dancing. Definitely my favourite letter to write. - Britgirl

It's the first letter of my name :3 and it can be written in so many different ways/styles

Has a fun look to it

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2 A

It's the first for a reason.

Sometimes I draw random lowercase As all over a blank sheet of paper - Pieclone

It's my first letter and I like the shape

All I can think about is PLL to be honest. - FoodQueen

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3 R

Why x is not on the first because is look like fiture

4 C

This is a unique list haha

C is nice because my names Curtis! - Curti2594

Hey my name is Curtis too LOL. - NewYorkCityTopic

5 Y

Like a tree shape but better. - turtwig

A) How does one even think of such a wild top ten list idea
B) Pretty sure everyone is voting for the alphabet their names start with

6 O

O, while not being my favorite letter, it is the nicest.

O is my friend.

My name starts with O. - darthvadern

7 J

To whoever criticised this list for being "stupid", get a room! - PositronWildhawk

J is such a nice and refreshing letter!

J is a really nice letter and my name starts with a J

You people are weird

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8 K

I hope I'm not the only person with a favorite letter but I just Really like the letter K That's not even what my name starts with. - BreakFastBeast2005

It's the first letter of my name, and I love writing it. For some reason I always put the most effort into writing a K. - Kevie16

It looks neat and proper

Love it

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9 H

H Seems like a Jolly and Happy Letter. It My Favorite Letter of the Alphabet - Dreamformusic

It's so simple and pretty

10 Q

I like Q for some reason. They are fun to write. - Oliveleaf

It looks like the back of a large cat at peace, like it would be watching the sunset at the end of a movie. - pandagirl

Hahaa an O with a penis

It's a O with a cute little tail. Sweet! - Britgirl

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11 T

It just looks so strong. - dureckl

Ha! #11. My name begins with T. - Britgirl

12 B

This one always seems to look the happiest. Don't ask me why. - Britgirl

The B is my favourite letter and it looks happy.

It looks like boobs. - Xinferno-awaitsX

Most of my teddy bears begin with the beautiful B: -
Billy-Bert Bob-Splab (yes, that's actually his name :))
Box Bear...
Even the word "beautiful" begins with "B" :). - Britgirl

13 n

Why... did you not capitalize it... it would be higher if you capitalized it...

14 Z

It looks like a nice zig zag - Jake09

15 m

M.. the best looking letter.. M

16 I

"I" means "me". It's a great letter. And if you make the point on "i" with your fingerprint, technically speaking, it means you in particular. - PositronWildhawk

17 E

This is the first letter of my name! That is why I voted!

E looks so nice and neat.

So beautiful, and used in many words, like elegant, enthusiastic, energy, element, essential, and it's the 1st letter of my name: Ellen. Proud to be an E!

In fact, my catchphrase is literally "E-YOOM! "

- xandermartin98

18 v
19 G

How come no one has put this beautiful letter in?

20 L

First letter of my real name. - Userguy44

21 X

Reminds me of a sweet kiss - x - Britgirl

22 a
23 D

Looks better when You add : before it. - Britgirl

Pretty damn hot

24 e
25 x
26 u
27 W

My favorite letter

W is a stupid letter. - Curtis_Huber

This letter has a lot of history. Did you know that before the "w" they started using "uu"? They eventually changed to the symbol "วท" (pronounced "Wynn") but, as people couldn't break the habit of using "uu" they ending up making the letter "w". - Rocko

28 P

I think this letter looks very formal, and strict, like it would be a good member of the army...
Okay, I've really gone off the deep end haven't I? - Rocko

This letter is ugly. - Curtis_Huber

29 F

Its all the way down here?

Why is it down here? - Camaro6

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