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1 Kind

Yes, Britgirl is more kind than anybody else here. It's SO OBVIOUS! That's why I have to insist and write again that I found annoying the list 'Top Ten Most Eccentric Users of TheTopTens of All Time' and say why. The operator deleted my answer to Barry2013(I hope the operator is not Barry2013...and that this time he will not remove my message, because unlike many other messages that are sent here, mine happens to be decent, fair and not vain or sarcastic.) I wrote that I don't think it's tasteful or even humorous an anonymous person to make a list and criticise the eccentricity of the eponymous members of this site. It would be funny and cool if this anonymous person had the the good will and the friendly spirit to let Britgirl and the other eponymous members he mentioned in his list know who he is. You can't say ambiguous things about other people's character, mentioning names and be anonymous. It's vulgar and not that tasteful or funny. Anyway, I don't think that this certain ...more

Very much so being Kind it's great & it makes yourself feel pretty good!

Genuine Compliments are the best Like You've got a Heart Of gold to be willing to sacrifice a funner time then talking to an oddball like me!

Kind is someone who doesn't judge you but sides with you or doesn't make you feel ALONE or like Crap!

Kind people will call your issues or kinks Cute or tell you how awesome you are!

I just want to say thxs BritGirl Because of your kindness it's made me feel like someone Cares that I exist! - Curti2594

A person with a kind personality is the most adorable. - Britgirl

You are very kind Britgirl. Never change. - Barry2013

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2 Shy

Actually, not really. I think the worst thing about myself is my shyness. Shyness is holding me back from doing things I always wanna do. I kinda have a dream of being in a rock (or even metal) band, but then after I thought about it, I'm like "Ah forget it" because I won't be able to do it if I'm shy. It's also preventing me from making friends, which is one of the reasons of why I'm all alone. It makes me feel weak too. I'm trying to get less shy (or maybe be not shy at all), but unfortunately...I JUST CAN'T HELP IT! Being a little bit shy might be a good thing, but I'm extremely shy, which isn't a good thing at all! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I think shyness in both male and female is very attractive. - Britgirl

As a shy person, I think we still get a lot of hate by people that think we're snobbish and boring but we're just wonderful people. Duh.

I'm shy, so it was nice to see this on the list.

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3 Loving
4 Giving
5 Listening

A good listener is always pleasant to have around. - Britgirl

6 Honest

Being 100 %real is rare but if you find someone with this Quality then is a Gift! - Curti2594

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7 Modest
8 Funny

A funny guy is the kind of guy you just like to be around.

If nothing was funny, life would be boring

9 Helpful
10 Friendship

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11 Empathetic
12 Sharing

'Tis my pleasure to share. Heard of Cher's twin sister? Cher and Cher alike! Haha! Pleasant TopTenning! - Britgirl

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13 Humbleness
14 Hardworking
15 Pensive
16 Generous
17 INFP (Mediator)
18 Genuine
19 Loyality
20 Adventurous
21 Stylish

I don't think this is a personality type.

22 Wise
23 Smart
24 INFJ (Advocate)
25 ENFP (Campaigner)
26 ENTP (Debater)
27 ISFJ (Defender)
28 INTP (Logician)
29 ESFP (Entertainer)
30 ISFP (Adventurer)
31 ISTJ (Logistician)
32 INTJ (Architect)
33 ESTP (Entrepreneur)
34 ISTP (Virtuoso)
35 ENFJ (Protagonist)
36 ESFJ (Consul)
37 ENTJ (Commander)
38 ESTJ (Executive)
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