Top Ten Nicest Places In London

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21 Stanmore V 1 Comment
22 Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park is a rather peaceful area in South West London, with many green spaces and a nice village feel.

23 Mayfair

Mayfair, in close distance with Hyde park is quite a peaceful retreat from the chaos of nearby places like Westminster. It is extremely expensive to live there though.

24 Maze Hill
25 Golders Green
26 Swiss Cottage
27 Barnes

I have lived there all my life - hardly any crimes, really nice sense of community and nice cafes!

28 Hackney

Are you kidding Hackney is full of thugs

V 2 Comments
29 Ickenham

Great place I don't know why it's so low

30 Primrose Hill

Nice and Local to Central London and Camden Town. Primrose Hill itself has great views especially on New Years Day where you can see great views of the fireworks other than the South Bank and Charing Cross which gets REALLY crowded. It's opposite Regents Park and Not too far from Hampstead Heath. Good place to raise children and great place to walk the dogs.

Primrose Hill is sandwiched in between Regent's Park and St John's Wood and is a peaceful retreat in close proximity to Central London.

31 Blackheath

Its like living in the country with the Greater London area.

32 Twickenham
33 Ham
34 Notting Hill

Originally quite a poor place, but eventually become quite an expensive part of London to live.

35 Dulwich

Dulwich has really nice houses, not to mention its very well known school Dulwich College

36 Edgware
37 Teddington
38 Kingsbury

Quiet suburban area, nice residents, good sized gardens, plenty of parking, well serviced, well connected

39 Sydenham
40 Pinner

A very affluent and peaceful area of Harrow with a beautiful high street. - aldwych94

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